How a Virtual Assistant Can Help to Amplify Your Content Writing

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help to Amplify Your Content Writing

Are you getting the most value from your content writing?

Most businesses are aware that producing regular, quality website content is a great way to build credibility, draw in an audience, and boost website traffic. The challenge is that producing and distributing that content to optimize your use of it takes a lot of time!

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It’s not just a matter of actually writing the content, or even simply finding a good writer. If you want your content investment to be maximized, then you need to promote it beyond simply your own website.


The nuts and bolts of an effective content strategy can be a bit exhausting, so it’s little wonder that many business owners struggle to keep up. The problem is that one of the keys to success with content is consistency. If you’re not producing and effectively distributing content on a regular schedule, you will find that your results are patchy at best.


This is where hiring a virtual assistant comes in. Most virtual assistants do not write the actual content (this is not their specialty); however, they are great at helping with all the ancillary tasks that add up to create an effective content marketing strategy.


Here’s how a virtual assistant can help to amplify your content writing efforts:

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Post scheduling and setup

How much time do you spend on the nitty-gritty activities in your business? Just setting up a blog post on WordPress (or your chosen platform) can use up a chunk of your day. By the time you’ve adjusted formatting, inserted images, and set up Yoast or any other plugins, you can find that there’s not much time left for anything else! 


Virtual assistants are great at taking time-consuming setup off your hands. They can source images for posts (another time-suck), format it correctly and check previews to ensure that it looks good for publishing.


Your Virtual Assistant can manage your publishing schedule to ensure that posts are going up regularly, a vital piece of any content marketing plan.

Content research

Thorough research is the lynchpin of any effective content marketing strategy. In fact, we’d go as far as saying you’re wasting your time getting started on content writing without it.


As with other parts of website content creation, the research piece is no quick task, not if you really want to develop an effective strategy. As long as you are there to guide strategy and provide a defined process, your virtual assistant can take care of many aspects of content research for you.

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For example, here are some key areas of research:

Market conditions

A virtual assistant can monitor aspects of your target market. For example, you might have them set up alerts for certain keywords and look out for new technologies, or moves made by certain competitors.


Virtual assistants might keep an eye on forums or news sites, looking out for opportunities, potential threats or general developments. They might spot new potential distribution channels for you and investigate how they work.


Honing in on your target audience is critical for effective content writing. It is always better to be writing for a particular audience, rather than trying to hit a general population and ending up reaching no one.


Your virtual assistant can help you with precisely targeting that audience. They might look out for comments or discussions in your particular niche and collate ideas from those. They can find where your audience is hanging out online so that you can join the conversation.


They can also help you to build up a more comprehensive picture of exactly what your audience looks like. What are their values, concerns, likes, and dislikes?


While you can’t spend too much time focusing on what your competitors are doing, it’s always a good idea to at least be up-to-date with their activities. This is another thing that is time-consuming though.

competitor research

For example, you should:

  • Know exactly who your competitors are, including any new ones entering the market.
  • Understand their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Know what their capabilities are as compared to your own.
  • Look out for strategies that seem to be working for your competitors.


Your virtual assistant can take care of this research for you, ensuring you don’t lose sight of what’s happening in the market around you.



You know you should be producing more website content, but the question “What should I write about?” is all too common. Fortunately, virtual assistants are great at looking into those topics.



Give a virtual assistant a good process around topic research and they can:

  • Look into the questions people are asking online related to your niche.
  • Look for popular content which you may be able to improve upon.
  • Look for sites that would be great to link to, or to guest post on.
  • Research key points for a topic, providing you with a list of resources.


As we’ve already said, virtual assistants are not content writers themselves, however, they can contribute significantly to the process.

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Content repurposing

Creating website content is often a significant investment of time and/or money. Either you’re spending a lot of time yourself crafting your blog posts, or you’re paying skilled content writers to do the job.


Every savvy business owner knows content investment shouldn’t end once a blog post is published. Instead, get more mileage by repurposing the content. socialmedia


The Virtual Hub virtual assistants are trained to look for those repurposing opportunities. For example, they might pull out snippets of content to create tweets or other social media posts. They might look for quotes that they can turn into a good image for the post or for social media, or they might take a post that is full of data, and transform that content into an infographic.


The point is that a blog post doesn’t have to be “one and done,” you can get a whole lot more amplification out of it by repurposing the content. Your virtual assistant can be a huge help in spotting and implementing those repurposing opportunities.

Content promotion

No content marketing strategy is complete without promoting that content. The internet is a busy place – people don’t just turn up once something is published. These days, promoting content through multiple channels is essential to get the amplification that you need.


Consider this from a Neil Patel post:

“With no marketing budget, zero connections and a blog that was only a month old, Robbie Richards grew his traffic to 272% in 30 days by creating the right content and promoting it to the right people.”


This is a bit of an extreme case, but it highlights the need for strategic promotion of content. Had Richards simply published content and left it as-is, the chances are he wouldn’t have generated the traffic.


Virtual assistants are great at helping to drive a regular process for content promotion. For example, they can:

  • Set up email newsletters letting your list know of new content.
  • Schedule social media posts promoting your content.
  • Find influencers to mention or link to in your content.
  • Set up any paid advertising that you might run.

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Hiring a Virtual Assistant Secret to Startup Growth

Final thoughts

When you’re busy trying to keep up with everything in your business, it often impacts the regularity of content posting and promotion. Consistency is important for managing an effective content strategy, and a virtual assistant can increase your output significantly.


Content writing needs to be well-researched and go beyond the idea of “publish it and they will come.” Any business with a successful content marketing plan is amplifying that content to improve their results.


Your virtual assistant isn’t there to write the content for you, but they can do basically everything else. Maximize your content investment by enlisting their help!

Jul 16, 2018

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