5 Surefire Ways to Nail It When Hiring a Virtual Assistant

5 Surefire Ways to Nail It When Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Don’t waste all your time, energy and money…

nail it the first time!


Hiring virtual personal assistants is all the rage right now. Youve undoubtedly heard entrepreneurs tout the huge benefits of it to help them out with work or even manage several personal schedules.Hiring a Virtual Assistant


While it is becoming a trend nowadays and you have likely heard how successful others have become with the extra set of hands they have hired, you are probably wondering how that would work with home based Virtual Assistants being, well, virtual . And often so far away (working from remote countries, like the Philippines).


You may think it is not easy to hire and work with someone from a different country. There are so many things to consider, like work schedule, language barrier and things like technology, internet connection, and many others. It can make your head spin! But being so busy with so many tasks to finish, you need a virtual assistant.

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The good news is, to hire a Virtual Assistant for your business is now made easier and faster than you think!

So how do you nail it when you want to hire a Virtual Assistant?

Here are some key steps we take to ensure success when you finally decide to get a VA:


1. Prepare a detailed Virtual Assistant job description

Before hiring, make sure you list down jobs and tasks you want your personal Virtual Assistant to do.


Sometimes, we want to hire someone who can do everything for us, but that is very unrealistic

Having a list of roles or tasks is key!


Hiring a Virtual Assistant


You might want to add in the platform or applications you are using to make sure the person you are hiring is knowledgeable or has experience in using them. Add some virtual assistant duties and skills that potential VAs should have.


Aside from Virtual Assistant tasks, it is also important to add in a short description of your company, so they will know the nature of your business and who they work for.


Having a job description helps you look for and attract the right VA for the job because you already have a list of skills and qualities that your potential VA should have.

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The following are some things you can include in a Virtual Assistant job description:

  • Nature of your business
  • Applications and tools that you are currently using
  • Language requirement (e.g. excellent English communication skills)
  • The tasks they will be handling if employed by your company

2. Use a Virtual Assistant Services company or agency

If youre already crazy busy then do yourself a favor and dont underestimate the amount of work involved in recruiting, onboarding, training and then managing a virtual assistant.


Before you start screaming, I need to hire a Virtual Assistant!”, you should know that using a VA company or agency can really help when sourcing people to work for your company or business.


They usually have a pool of talent who are equipped and need minimal training and have a number of useful skill sets. The agency can provide you with a list of potential candidates based on the job description or list you provide them.


There are many agencies that provide these Virtual Assistant services and although they come at a higher price, there are lots of benefits, too.


Here are several services that an agency can provide:

  • Provide consultation
  • They have a list of experience work from home virtual assistant
  • Agencies can provide a back for when things do not work out between you and your VA
  • Training and support are provided to bot VA and client


These agencies also know where to hire the best VAs. Currently, the top country that has the most VAs is the Philippines.

3. Make sure processes and procedures are written down

hiring a virtual assistant

It is best to write down the company or business’ standard operating procedure. They can serve as a written instruction for tasks you want a VA to do or Virtual Assistant duties.


These processes and procedures can be tasks or information on how to go about certain jobs.


Here are some things you might need:

  • You should have updated SOPs for all the processes and procedures of your company, and not just Virtual Assistant tasks you will be handing off. This will also be useful in case something unexpected happens or in an emergency.
  • Make sure it is concise and complete, and all necessary information is included.
  • All repeated tasks should have separate SOPs.


4. Use online tools and apps

If you are worried about not being able to monitor or communicate with your VA, there are online Virtual Assistant tools and applications that you can use. Some platforms can be used to oversee and manage tasks.

There are many tools on the internet that you and your VA can use in growing your business. 


The Virtual Hub conducted a poll as to which Virtual Assistant tool or applications are commonly used by clients for project management or to track the teams work. The result says, most of our clients use Asana. It is a powerful tool and a means of communication as well.


Other than Asana, here are some tools that are widely used by clients:


Hiring a Virtual Assistant

This is a safe way to share your login and passwords to online tools you are using for work. Password managers, such as LastPass, remembers your passwords for you. So, instead of typing your password into a website, you type a master password. There is no need for you to think about the email address, password or the username.

LastPass is cloud-based. This password manager has an extension, mobile applications and even desktop application for all browsers and OS. One of its key feature is that it offers a two-factor authentication option which ensures that no one else can access your password vault  



Hiring a Virtual Assistant

It is formerly known as Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for your Domain. The GSuite is composed of GMail, Hangouts, Calendar, Google+, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, and Sites. It is a one-stop shop for online tools. It even creates a custom email address of a certain domain.

Gsuites also have ample cloud-based storage and allows you to collaborate and share.



Hiring a Virtual Assistant

This social media tool lets users schedule posts and updates to different social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others using the HootSuite dashboard. Managing your social media presence is now easier.

Signing in to each social media accounts and creating posts can be tiresome and takes too much time.

Through this application, many businesses can implement, analyze and improve marketing campaigns on all profiles.

Another bonus: Hootsuite can be used for both business and personal social media accounts.



Hiring a Virtual Assistant

This is an employee time tracking software. It allows you to keep track of your teams output and helps you and your team do more each work day. TimeDoctor has a desktop software, mobile application and also has web based components.

It also takes screenshots of the employees desktop and also has a web-based reporting.



Hiring a Virtual AssistantSearch Engine Optimization is an important part of making online businesses successful. This tool helps business owners find profitable keywords.

This is a program for bloggers, new and old, who want to optimize their blogs or their websites. It also allows them to create content that their audience wants for a better experience for the visitors.

SEM Rush also allows you to understand your competition and believe us when we say it pays to actually understand your competition. This tool has capabilities for you to look at competitors and keywords.

Aside from understanding your competition, it also allows you to find new keywords you can use.



Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Ithemes.com calls WordPress, the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management in existence today.

It powers millions of blogs and websites. WordPressmarket share is almost 60% compared to other content management systems. The second and closest competitor is Joomla and is used only by 6.3%.

Image Source: https://torquemag.io

Aside from being so powerful, WordPress is also flexible and easy to use. This is the main reason why it has become so popular.


5. Build a relationship and communicate

It is best to understand what a Virtual Assistant is and what they do. The key to a long lasting and happy relationship is having an open communication. This is also true when hiring a VA. Make sure you are able to communicate your expectations to your VA and use your online tools, like Skype or email. There are more tools available online that you can use to communicate with your VA.


Just a reminder, while it is good to always communicate, you should also limit it to business hours. Both VAs and clients have a life beyond business and that needs to be mutually respected.

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Being a solo entrepreneur is difficult and most of the time, we work by ourselves, but you must learn to delegate. Give you Virtual Assistant tasks and then trust them. You must make your VA feel confident to share their knowledge. Remember some of them have had years of experience with other clients and might be more knowledgeable about tools or platforms.


It is a must to build a strong working relationship. There should also be effective communication channels. Choose the tool that works best for you and your VA. Sharing your business vision also helps for you and your VA to share one path and goal. It helps motivate your VA to share new ideas and ways to do things to reach your business goals.


Hiring a Virtual Assistant


To be able to do and work on building a strong relationship with your client, do the following:

  • You must have weekly check ins with your VA – Set weekly meetings to talk about work progress, check in on how your VA is doing or if there are things they might have difficulty with. Also, listen in to their suggestions or just what they have to say. Who knows, they might have some brilliant business idea. Make sure you stick to that schedule, too.


You can also create a Virtual Assistant task list, and check where they are or what they have accomplished in your meetings. 

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  • Always use online tools to communicate – The internet provides so many tools to help you communicate with your VA. Asana and Basecamp, for example, are project management tools you can use to assign tasks and check its progress, too. 


You can also make use of Skype, Hangouts or Slack to communicate or chat. Quick updates and check ins can be done using these platforms.

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