3 Powerful Content Marketing Tips Your Virtual Assistant Can Easily Execute For You

3 Powerful Content Marketing Tips Your Virtual Assistant Can Easily Execute For You

I’ve been going through a process the past 3 months of getting one of my other ventures, Energise Wealth, ready for a relaunch in 2017.


It is a content heavy site which relies on web traffic & volume, so, content marketing (done right) is key to the success of that business.


Now when I say ‘I’, I really mean my fantastic virtual assistant because, the truth is, I’ve been off thoroughly enjoying having my first baby.


Listen up all female entrepreneurs!


Us women in business need these effective delegation strategies more than anyone else so we can be successful entrepreneurs AND successful mammas.


More on that another time …

It doesn’t matter whether you’re tied up having a baby, going on holiday or focussing on other parts of growing your business, this article basically gives you 3 Powerful Content Marketing Tips that your virtual assistant can (and should) execute for you.


These tasks are ones no business owner should be spending their own time on!


content marketing tipsContent marketing, web traffic and all things business have been the furthest thing from my mind this past 3 months as I indulged in all things babylove instead. I’m still indulging today too and only doing some writing like this as the mood takes me.


Despite that, ‘I’ (aka my VA) rolled out the biggest content marketing strategy either of us have ever done over the past 3 months – and all without me!


The cream on top is that it has been a roaring success.


Yes, I have a great VA who executed it beautifully but, the reality is, the success of this project really came down to the project set up prior to launch.

A great virtual assistant without a great project set up is destined to fail. Fact! Click To Tweet


So here’s how we did it …

1. I set the entire project up in Asana prior to baby’s arrival. It went from strategic direction & WHY we are doing all the tasks & subtasks to a well laid out task plan with deadlines, troubleshooting & reporting back guidelines clearly set.

We then had a solid meeting about the project rollout.

Note: Asana is a free project management tool online. There are many other ones that are just as effective such as Trello, Teamwork, Podio.

For more on this check out the Virtual Success Podcast I did, on effective project set up with VA’s.


2. Energise Wealth has a lot of old content that was not optimised properly when we first did it & wasn’t repurposed to the extent it could have been either – my fault as I didn’t strategise that properly to start with – big lesson in wasted time learnt there!

At the time, I focussed heavily on more and more content instead of realising that time spent capitalising on and leveraging the content we already had would have been more fruitful. This is a common mistake I see tons of businesses making everyday. Producing ever more content without proper optimisation and distribution can be a royal waste of time.


Resource TIP:

I joined Digital Traffic Institutes amazing monthly membership program & heavily availed of their live business hot seat webinar opportunities where they take your business & workshop a specific strategy live for you.

At $50 per month – cheapest & best digital advice I’ve ever received. Hop on board that train for sure.

AND my VA was on the call & got the recording so we were able to hit the ground running on the implementation side straight after the call.

My VA was able to do new keyword research to find good long tail keyword phrases that will hopefully get us the right traffic to all this great content I spent 2 years painstakingly creating !!


3. Taking the advice from the Digital Traffic Institute live hot-seat, we decided to go to work on the old content instead of continually producing new content.

Delegation TIP:

VA’s can manage old content relaunches but not new content creation so if you are busy having a baby (!!) go for old content reworks.


We did 3 things:

Tactic 1:  We transcribed all the videos & podcasts so we had the content in written format too – GREAT for SEO / traffic.

Resource TIP: Don’t get your VA to transcribe – accuracy is very tough to get anywhere near what you need.

Instead use Rev.com for super cheap, crazy accurate and very fast transcriptions.

Set your VA up as account manager on the platform & let them manage it – best thing i did !!


Tactic 2:  We added our podcast to our YouTube Channel with a few nice slides to make a ‘video’. Use tips & quotes from the content so it can also be used again across social media for distribution of content.

Similarly, we added our YouTube shows to iTunes as a Podcast …. why the hell not ?!


Tactic 3:  Make use of Linkedin as a content marketing platform.

We added my videos & podcast shows to my personal Linkedin account & also to our business channels on Linkedin.


All this has happened while I’ve been off having an amazing time being a mum to baby Ruby.


It’s a huge project that needs at least 2-3 months to execute properly (longer when you include the repromotion across social media using effective social media calendars & new image creation).


So if you want to get more juice from the content you already have then get your VA onto this strategy.


If you need a great virtual assistant with full helpdesk and success coach support behind them then book an outsourcing strategy call with us today.


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