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More Than Just A Workplace

Sure, we love digital marketing, systems, processes & automation too.
Heck, that’s our jam here!

But, behind every great business, there are great people - people with big ideas and big dreams. Dreams that too often get roadblocked by busywork. From e-commerce and SAAS to coaching and service businesses, we help unlock dreams by freeing great people from the time-suck of busywork.

We (on the other hand) love busywork. - Process mapping it, doing it, moving it forward and making it better.

For us, it unlocks our dream career.

Our mission is to help energize our world, one dream at a time.

who we are
who we are

We Believe in Dreams

We believe in the power of people and their dreams. Unlocking dreams has the power to energize our world and move humanity forward in the most powerful way.

We believe that when people collaborate for shared success, feel like they matter and have fun doing it, solutions can be found to any problem and innate energy is released.

We believe so strongly in this philosophy that it has shaped our company culture through our core values. Values we use as our lighthouse for all decision making from client acquisition to finances, HR and operational delivery.

Our Company Values

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We COLLABORATE for shared success

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We SUPPORT because people matter

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We take FUN seriously

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We find SOLUTIONS until solutions find us

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We do the RIGHT thing. Always!

The Problem We Aim to Solve

Offshore outsourcing is touted as the panacea for business overload, cost efficiency and business scalability. And while all of that is true, there are a lot of areas that trip even the most experienced business operators up along the way.

There are many layers to get through before you even start working with a virtual assistant or an offshore team. The recruitment and training phases are critical to get right, not to mention the selection, onboarding, ongoing training, development and HR management needs.

This is all assuming that the business itself is set up and ready to delegate effectively. In our experience, a lot of businesses completely underestimate how much work they need to do to get ready to delegate to offshore staff. It all adds up to a lot of extra work just to first figure out what is needed to get the business really ready, then to find, train and manage an offshore virtual assistant or virtual team.

We aim to simplify the entire process for businesses. We partner with our clients to help them to prepare properly so they get success once they hire a virtual assistant while also being their recruitment, training and ongoing HR management departments so they can get on with business growth.

Meet the Team!

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Heidi Thompson 

Owner, Evolve Your Wedding Business

"The Virtual Hub is very invested in the growth of their employees"

Some companies are just ”here's this person to work with, go work with them, done." But they're not working with the VA’s behind the scenes. They're managing like HR, those sorts of things and that's it.

The structure of The Virtual Hub is definitely unique among the companies that I've previously looked at.

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