October 20, 2015

How This Virtual Assistant’s Social Media Skills Skyrocketed Her Clients Engagement

A while back I had a chat with one of our long standing members Maz Schirmer from Institute of Women International and her Virtual Assistant Elaine about utilising her social media skills to increase audience engagement.

Admittedly Maz had great engagement anyway on her social media channels with lots of likes on her posts – enviable amounts actually!

However, the posts were all quite click bait style and mostly from other people that she just re-posted on her page.

They got a lot of likes which of course is good to increase your organic reach but did little to actually increase real engagement, build out the brand, build her personal profile or develop a deeper relationship with the audience.

When it came time for her to promote anything, the engagement factor just wasn’t there

Using Her VA’s Social Media Skills To Boost Engagement.

We decided to introduce some more personal elements and focus on building out a bit more of Maz’s personal story, her profile, and her big ‘why’ for what she does in her amazing business transforming the lives of women feeling emotionally blocked.

With her social media skills, Elaine introduced and executed one of our core The Virtual Hub social media strategies.

She went back through older blog posts, webinars, videos and interviews and picked out interesting snippets, tips and quotes from Maz for social media.

I just had a look and am so happy to see that these posts have been the ones to get large amounts of shares!

We have broken the nexus of people just liking her posts and have actually increased real engagement and eyeballs via sharing.

social media skills

The likes are not as high as the more click bait style stuff but a few points to note here:

  • Shares count for more in the Facebook algorithms than likes – they are much higher for audience engagement.
  • Shares demonstrate people are so moved by it they want to endorse the content with their circles.
  • It connects the audience directly with the heart of Maz and shows her why and mission.
  • It builds her profile as a thought leader in this space – quotes from her are getting shared online. If that’s not a thought leader, then I am not sure what is!
social media skills

Utilising your VA’s social media skills can make a difference in your audience engagement.

Let’s look at some facts!

Adweek in a recent article quoted Dennis Yu, CEO of Social Media Insights firm BlitzMetrics:

“Facebook’s News Feed algorithm gives up to 1,300 percent more weight to shares than likes when it comes to what’s shown near the top of a user’s feed, affecting a promotion’s viral performance,” said Dennis Yu, CEO of social media insights firm BlitzMetrics.
He said, “It says people endorse your content to the point of putting their reputation on the line. Your ad or post is interesting enough where people are willing to share it.”

social media skills

According to Yu, some brands err in using click bait-type content for ads and posts to get easy likes and comments. “They post cute photos that get a lot of views,” he said. “Brands should focus on storytelling to create real engagement.”

social media skills

And Justin Seeley provides a fantastic example of why it is so powerful in his article on the topic:
“Let’s say you create a video and share it on Facebook. You have 1,000 people who like your page, so that means roughly 100 of them will see the post by default.
“Even if all 100 people see and like your post, you have exactly that, 100 likes. Whereas if out of those same 100 people, one of them shares your post with their 500 friends (the average for most Facebook users these days), and out of those 500 people 100 people see it, you’ve just doubled your viewing audience. If you could get 1 of those ‘500 people to share your post with their list of friends, you’ve just tripled your viewers without spending a dime.”

social media skills

Make Sense?

“Remember, the game of social media is all about eyeballs and how many of them you an put on any given piece of content that you produce. In order to win the eyeballs game, you can either pay for it, or create share-worthy content that scales on its own.” – Justin Seeley

We know that this move by Maz and Elaine is going to add fuel to the fire that is igniting with her mission and business.

The addition of this strategy will not only boost Maz’s engagement numbers significantly with Facebook but it will also build her profile as a thought leader as her quotes get shared.

This can have dramatic effects on her ability to get interviewed on high profile podcasts, youtube channels and even secure speaking engagements.

social media skills

For more information on what other things a virtual assistant can help you with, you can read our Ultimate Guide to Virtual Assistants which walks you through all aspects of what a virtual assistant is and what one can do to grow your business.

If you would like to talk to me about having one of our Virtual Assistants assist you in the implementation of this strategy (because who the hell has time to do all this?) then please book a private strategy call now.

Love to chat 🙂


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