The Virtual Hub Ltd Terms and Conditions

It is really important that you familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions below so that you avoid any confusion, frustration or misunderstanding later.

Onboarding Terms

Set-Up Fee

This is paid in advance to cover the fees incurred for recruitment, client preparation, access to our step by step process maps, client training and content heavy membership site. Fees paid are net of any charges your own bank may impose for foreign exchange and/or foreign entity transactions.

Lead Times

At The Virtual Hub, we employ all of our VAs and train them prior to introduction to any of our clients. Though we aim to keep our lead times within 2-3 weeks of your sign up, our timelines can blow out to 3-4 weeks depending on supply & success of people making it through our training program and onto employment with us so they can then be shown confidently by us to clients. These lead time are for Level 1 or Level 2 requests. However, for Level 3 VAs, we are looking at potentially 5-8 weeks given the extensive training demands.

Our view is that if we would not hire them then we should not expect a client to work with them.

This is what makes our lead times long (it’s a min of 2-3 weeks) and why we differ from a traditional recruiter. Often we get hundreds of applications but so many fail our 3-4 week long intensive recruitment and training programs. If we deem they are not good enough for us then they are not good enough for our clients.

We acknowledge this can be frustrating for the client but it is what leads to our very high success rate.

Security Bond

For your first virtual assistant or other resources with us we require a security bond to be paid. This is equivalent to One-Month Subscription paid in advance prior to starting with the selected resource.

The security bond will be refunded to you at the end of your contract or used to cover payments due at the end of the contract. It cannot be used to cover a late payment during the contract period.

Subscription Payment

Charged monthly in advance via our automated billing system. Fees agreed are net of any charges your own bank may impose for foreign exchange and/or foreign entity transactions.


You will be required to sign our contract prior to start date of the VA. The contract can be canceled via our membership site with 30 days notice.

Part-Time VAs

Clients opting to start with a Part-time VA need to be aware that the VAs they are presented with will either have another part-time client already and therefore ONLY available part time or will already be planned for other accounts in waiting. If you think you would like to upgrade to full time in the future you will likely have to get a second VA, or, start with full time.

Post Interview VA Selection Form

Needs to be completed within 24 hours after the interview, after which time, candidates will be put forward for other opportunities and availability is not guaranteed.

VA Agreed Date and Time Form

VA Start Date should be within 7 days after the Interview otherwise we reserve the right to put candidates forward for other opportunities.

Meeting a selection of our VAs

We aim to introduce you to at least 3 of our VAs during interviews, except in the case of platform requirements like Ontraport, Hubspot, Infusionsoft, Active Campaign or other more specific requirements where we may only show 1-2 candidates who are at this level or capable of this level.

Training pre & post interview

In the event of requesting platforms like Ontraport, Hubspot, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign or other more specific needs we may not train on your chosen platform until after you choose who you want to work with. We cannot train everyone on every platform and our current model has proven to be very successful. However, each candidate will already have been through our intensive application testing AND 3-week full-time base training program.

Other Terms

The Virtual Hub Holidays – The Virtual Hub is officially closed ONLY on the following days of the year:

  • Christmas Day – December 25
  • Boxing Day – December 26
  • New Year’s Day – January 1
  • Holy Thursday
  • Good Friday

Public Holidays – We do not observe public holidays in ANY country (including The Philippines) apart from the days we are closed listed above. Because we are a global business it is not possible to please every client and VA with public holidays in their specific country. Instead, The Virtual Hub pays for annual leave and facilitates gift leave (as detailed below) which can be used, if both parties agree sufficiently in advance, for various public holidays.

Paid Leave – 12 days paid funded by The Virtual Hub. VA may use this for vacation or sick leave or any other reason for that matter. This leave is earned by the VA and filed 4 days in advance subject to the client’s approval. This is in addition to the 5 days of paid leave given to all employees when The Virtual Hub is officially closed (see above).

All paid leave is already built into your monthly subscription calculation so it remains the same each month regardless of leave taken.

Gift Leave – This leave is outside the 12 days Paid Leave granted by The Virtual Hub to the VA. This is paid by the client and given as a gift or time off to the VA.

Cancellation – 30 days notice upon official cancellation triggered from the Client Portal.

Downgrade – 30 days notice upon notification.

Non-Payment – Services will be halted if payment is not made within 7 days after due date.

Software or Hardware Requirements – Any specific software or hardware required by the client must be purchased by the client.

Non-Disclosure Agreement – All VAs are full time employees of our Philippines company. There are non-disclosures built into their employment contracts with us. Simultaneously, there are non-disclosure clauses in The Virtual Hub Ltd contracts with clients.

Bonus – The client may give a cash bonus to the VA at any time by using the bonus payment form in the client portal (ONLY). The entire amount minus some small transaction fees, (usually about 2.5%) is passed to the VA using the current exchange rate and given in the following payroll cut off.

Working Direct & Understanding TVH Business Model – Provision has been made in the contract for clients who would like to work directly with their virtual resource. We have a non-negotiable fee for that detailed in the contract. For more understanding of why we have structured the clauses and fees in this way you can refer to our ‘Understanding TVH Business Model’ page in the Client Portal. By agreeing to these terms upon sign up you already agree to this clause.

Need Help?

Please open a support ticket via The Virtual Hub Member Portal.