June 14, 2022

My VA Helped Me to Triple My Experience with Ontraport

Have you ever had the feeling that you could be getting so much more out of Ontraport, or indeed any other software package you’ve purchased?

Our founder, Barbara Turley, felt the same way – she knew the program was great and had the knowledge to use it, but not the time to do so effectively. Here’s what she did about it…

I love Ontraport, in fact, I’m even a certified Ontraport Consultant. Yet, I found that I wasn’t getting the best possible use out of it.

It’s the time-honored story of having many ideas, potentially amazing growth strategies, but no time to work on proper implementation.

I talk to so many business owners who have been in the same position and say, “I have all of these things I’d love to test out, but there’s no way I can get all of it done.”

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When you have Ontraport set up optimally, it performs like a well-oiled machine. It automates your lead generation, follow-up, and conversion. It helps you talk to the right people about things relevant to them at the right time. It can be a hugely valuable tool for your business growth.

There are many possible ways to use Ontraport to achieve your business objectives, but the trick is that you need to know the “nuts and bolts” of how to make something work so that you can set it up. If you don’t have that sort of time, what you have is a pile of ideas and no way to move forward.

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  5. My Results Since Getting Ontraport Support

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Maximize the Value of Ontraport

About Ontraport

At its core, Ontraport is a digital marketing tool that helps companies streamline their business processes. It is one of the leading automation experts, providing businesses with solutions that can be used to create, implement, and track sales and marketing efforts and campaigns of all types.

With Ontraport, businesses can nurture new leads, create relationships, and close deals more effectively. In short, it is a powerful tool that can help businesses grow in today’s competitive digital landscape.

Support from an Ontraport VA

Have you ever been frustrated by a feeling of being “stuck,” like there is something missing that you need in order to get your business moving forward?

I was using Ontraport for many things and getting good use out of it. The problem was that I would spend hours of my time in the software, setting up this or tweaking that, meaning that I didn’t spend the time I needed on growing my business.

I had an implementation, rather than a strategy focus. Although my business was still doing well, it wasn’t reaching its full potential.

ontraport va

Look, I’m a Certified Ontraport Consultant, so I know a thing or two about how it works, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t use some extra help!

When you’ve got new automations you’re interested in playing with, or even where you need basic new sequences or campaigns set up, it still takes time to get the job done.

Bottom line: even if you’re an expert, that doesn’t mean you should spend all your time on the “doing!”

I needed help, particularly with implementation, to ensure more time on the strategy side to grow my business. I decided to get help from a Virtual Hub virtual assistant (VA), and found that there had really been no need for me to spend so much time on setting up Ontraport myself.

My VA is able to set up and test sequences, campaigns and automations for me, I just provide them with the strategy maps and my goals. For example, I might say, “let’s send out a check-in email three days after someone signs up for a content upgrade,” this then gets done for me.

ontraport va

How To Make Ontraport Work With a Virtual Assistant

One key thing I would say to business owners is that you don’t want to be totally out of the loop. Even if you have a team of virtual assistants, there needs to be a certain level of oversight so that you can understand if your business is really optimizing your use of it.

While it can be tempting to just hand the whole thing over, don’t lose that valuable oversight. You’ll find that you get your best results when there is a good link between strategy, implementation, and oversight.

For example, on occasion, things do go wrong. Maybe something was missing in a sequence and so the automation part didn’t go as planned. I always know about those things when they occur and I ask my VAs to report back on fixes. By doing this, I know for myself what works and doesn’t work for future reference, and can ensure that our procedures are updated if necessary.

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Keeping oversight also helps to link that strategy piece with what is actually happening. Are we achieving the goals we set out to accomplish by setting up a particular sequence?

For example, if we’re sending out follow-up emails with the goal of having people book a consultation, how well are these converting?

Always know your strategies and desired outcomes, perhaps even sketch out a sequence on paper. You can then pass this information on to a virtual assistant to take care of implementation.

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Key Benefits of Getting Help from an Ontraport VA

First, if you have more ideas than you can possibly implement, you end up putting strategy on hold, which results in fewer sales. A virtual assistant gets those ideas implemented, so that you can start to test and see results.

Another key thing I love to get my Ontraport VA to help with is to take the things that I’ve dreamed up and would love to see done, and turn them into things that actually do get put in place.

For example, I often have “wish list” type ideas which I’m not sure whether they can be done; my VA does the research for me to figure out what’s possible.

Overall, a VA buys you more time. You spend less time on the “doing” and more on strategizing and growing your business. For example, they can take a number of time-consuming tasks off your plate:

  • Putting your strategy together – hooking everything up, setting up emails, and optimizing landing pages.
  • Liaising with Ontraport support to deal with any issues that come up. This can take a lot of time, so you can get your VA to deal with it and report back to you.
  • Project managing any tricky technical parts of the build with your web developer and testing the system to make sure it works before you go in for the final check.
  • Setting up Ontraport integrations to help automate your systems and processes.
  • Creating custom objects so you can store information that is unique to your company and tailor your Ontraport experience to fit your specific needs
  • Using Dynamic CMS or Content Management System to create and deliver engaging content to your audience
  • Expanding your e commerce business so you can sell online quickly and easily, without sacrificing quality or customer service
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My Results Since Getting Ontraport Support

I have loved seeing the results from having a VA help out. In fact, the VA has enabled me to triple my results that I’ve seen from using Ontraport.

Since having VA help, I’ve got more sales funnels in place, with more entry points to those funnels, and I don’t have to build them! This has helped significantly with generating leads and closing sales.

I’ve also been gifted more time to branch out of simply marketing, and into more deep business automation. The integrations with Zapier, Asana, and other systems mean that there are less mistakes made or things that get missed. Our internal team builds Zapier integrations and can also come together to flesh out ideas and figure out what’s possible. (They do this for our clients too, giving them the extra value of multiple minds on the task!)

During this time, we’ve also been through a major rebranding exercise, where we became The Virtual Hub, rebranding from Virtual Angel Hub. We already had hundreds of Ontraport automations, and my VAs had to ensure that all links were correct for the changeover. This was all done within a month and with their help, I was able to continue working part-time, while caring for my young daughter the rest of the time.


Having that essential Mum-time is important to me, and a business setup with automations and excellent VA help is a big part of facilitating that.This same efficiency also means that I don’t have to hire a lot of people to get the work done, which is of course a good cost savings!

In further application of Ontraport, my VAs ensure that our content is put to maximum use. They take content and upgrades which we have created externally, and put them into funnels based on a process they have set up. Sometimes they repurpose that content too, such as by creating infographics or social media posts.

Overall, everything is much more efficient. I can come up with ideas, put them into Asana, and it’s set up for me in Ontraport the next day. My business has grown and I’m no longer stuck on implementation!

Key Takeaways for Other Businesses

Getting VA help with Ontraport helps you to move from simply building funnels (and spending a lot of time on them!) to true marketing automation.

Rather than spending all of my time doing, I spend a small portion of the day overseeing and approving things, usually via a daily huddle. We also strictly use Asana for all project management, so every task is put in there and nothing gets missed.

As a business owner, this is a great way to step up more in terms of leadership and project management, rather than being mired in tasks. I’d encourage anyone else struggling to fit everything in to stand back and assess what you’re doing – could you be handing implementation over to a VA?

Learn more about virtual assistants with our Ultimate Guide to Virtual Assistants. The guide teaches you all the things you need to know about virtual assistants and how you can leverage them to help YOU and YOUR business grow. Give it a read and learn all the ins and outs of what a virtual assistant is.

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