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Shawn Van Dyke

Owner/CEO Built To Build Academy

Here at The Virtual Hub, we’re passionate about making sure each of our clients feels supported and equipped to make the most of their time. This is why when we heard that Shawn Van Dyke, a construction business coach and founder of Built to Build Academy, was able to turn his business around with the help of our team, we were over the moon!

“There’s at least 60 hours a week of stuff that I don’t have to do anymore. . . I get six hours of productivity out of a one-hour meeting, I feel like my time is being multiplied, times five.”

Whew! We were also glad to hear that Shawn loved our laser focus on delivering exceptional customer service experience, noting that:

“I was just blown away by the level of customer experience that you guys provide and training. I felt like I was getting a business coach to help me improve my business and on board to use a virtual assistant.”

It’s stories like this that make us proud of what we do here at The Virtual Hub. We couldn’t be happier to know that we were able to help clients like Shawn save time, increase their productivity, and grow their business faster!

We believe that everyone deserves a chance for big success, and we’re here to help make that dream a reality! If you’re looking for a way to improve your business, let us show you how we can help. Together, we can make more time for what matters most—working ON your business instead of IN it!

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Here's what our clients are saying about us

Jeremy Moser

Co-founder & CEO / uSERP

"Our business has at least tripled since we started working with The Virtual Hub and it’s been really significant help from you guys!"

The main standout of The Virtual Hub is that the VAs come to us ready to hit the ground running. They have really good training behind them, they get up to speed very quickly & are able to quickly understand our processes & objectives really well.
I think that goes to show that The Virtual Hub are really good at training people to hit the ground running fast! What’s even better is there’s not a lot of work that we have to do on our end, if any, to get them up to speed.

a really quick time to results for us

KC Procter

owner / The Speaker Lab

"The Virtual Hub has the best onboarding and client account management I’ve ever seen, anywhere"

If someone were to ask me, “Hey, I need to hire some VAs”, I would just point them to The Virtual Hub’s direction and tell them to not bother looking anywhere else. The way The Virtual Hub does their process saves us a lot of time. They pre-screen and evaluate their talented pool of people for us. We only had to have conversations with two or three people per position and that saves us time. We just make the selection and onboard the person.

David Bell

CEO / Diving Bell Creatives

"TVH freed up 40% of my time. As a result, my company has grown by 150% over the past 18 months"

That extra time goes to making minor updates on the website or just checking in on little things - doing minor SEO projects. From keeping track of projects, to now being able to spend more time building processes and thinking about new products and talking to new clients. 

Sarah Noked

owner / Sarah noked Ltd

"Your client communications is just really great"

You are always responding to the emails and super professional on the information that you send us such as the reminders about the holidays,  the check-ins, the work hours and vacation leaves and that's just been great. Also with the transition of people due to the pandemic. Moving them out of the office into their homes. It felt seamless for us. We didn't really feel that changes were going on so you guys did great.

Jamie Abbott

Director of Operations / Welltodo Global

"Our business actually grew through Covid and The Virtual Hub helped"

TVH helped by making sure they were able to maintain their service level. I know some Virtual Assistants were given the option and ability to work from home in order to continue as normal and deliver the Hub’s services to our business. That was a massive help. In fact, it was kinda business as usual. The Virtual Hub played its part and delivered its promise.

Heidi Thompson

owner / Evolve Your Wedding Business

"The Virtual Hub is very invested in the growth of their employees"

Some companies are just ”here's this person to work with, go work with them, done." But they're not working with the VA’s behind the scenes. They're managing like HR, those sorts of things and that's it.

The structure of The Virtual Hub is definitely unique among the companies that I've previously looked at.

Michelle Broadbent

owner / Michelle Broadbent

"The Virtual Hub takes care of their VA's"

I have friends that run businesses and they come to me and ask, "Where does your VA come from?" and I always answer, "The Virtual Hub". I think you guys take such good care of them, everyone through COVID and through all things that have happened. True in the campaigns, like when the typhoons come through, how you look after your team is then obviously reflected back in the work that they do for us. We are all very lucky.

I appreciate that in your platform, there's a thorough model work done to create the opportunity for the VA to connect with the business. For my Virtual Assistant to be able to integrate into my business' ecosystem the way that she has and for everybody to now know who she is and what she is working on is extremely valuable. I think it's a really unique platform. 

-DJ Tosh


Arrows Capital Group

it's really the whole process. I like the whole thing with how you guys, went about the entire process, how you updated me and kept me in the loop. I love the model that you guys are doing. I actually had VAs before out of just sheer luck. With you guys, it just works. You guys popped up and really just took the ball and ran with it. It's truly a valuable service.

-Craig Felder

Marketing Communications Director and Founder 

Precise Virtual Development LLC

I like the structure of the engagement. I like how organized you are with my growth journey - I like that you have that planned out. It helps me to stop and spend a few moments to reflect. I also think that your connection with the the VA's is really important. It's really great how you trained her and how you follow up with her because I know that you're supporting her, helping her and encouraging her from your end. I think that's really good.

-Marcio Santos


Nerd Digital

I think that the response from you guys and support in terms onboarding my VA and the ongoing support merits a 5 star rating. 

The support I received from you guys have been great and proactive.

John Murphy

Leadership Expert & Business Coach

John Murphy International

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