Meet Our Rockstars

They are the Sonny to our Cher, the Lennon to our McCartney and the Han Solo to our Chewie. Here are some of the champs that fuel The Virtual Hub's engine!

our team

Shift Manager


Enjoys playing classical music when it rains and is a voracious pasta eater.

our team

owner/ ceo


An avid tennis fan and loves to ski with family on the weekends.

our team

Total Rewards Partner


A child of the beach and the ocean and prefers iced-coffee. 

our team

Hearts Partner


Certified fast walker and enjoys the company of cuddly pets. 

our team

People Ops Lead


A movie buff and a concert artist to her unwilling dog.

our team

People Ops & operations


Dove for coins in her youth and drove her teacher to tears with a poem.

Shift manager


Considers volleyball as her favorite sport and is a canine admirer.

Total Rewards Associate


An occasional gym-goer and enjoys his breakfasts with a side of podcasts.

Operational Efficiency Consulting & Implementation


Enjoys sailing and boating and considers wine and cheese as his guilty pleasures.

Logistics Partner


A chick-flick writer on the side and a chocolate drink lover.

Hearts Partner


Prefers mocktails over cocktails and is hairily scared of the sea.

learning and development


A fan of irony and considers himself professional and passionate.

Strategic Account Consultant


A travel enthusiast who loves to horseback ride with her kids in her downtime

A Culture of Collaboration and Delegation

At the very core of The Virtual Hub lies our firm belief in the power of collaboration and delegation. Our organization is built around the framework of support and teamwork. No person is left to fend for himself. - Instead, we surround our members with a solid support system that not only provides constant aid, but also continuously enriches them on and off work hours.

Delegation is the key to scaling your business. And our team is a master of it. Knowing which tasks to prioritize and which areas to focus on using their strengths to their advantage.

Ready to have us in your team?

We'll unpack where you need help, how we can help, and if we're a mutual fit.

Outsourcing Masterclass: How to Delegate & Scale Successfully