Putting People First

The Virtual Hub Mission

Our mission is to eradicate small business overwhelm by simplifying the offshore outsourcing process and facilitating cost-effective business scalability. We are also committed to creating dynamic, next level careers for smart and enthusiastic people from The Philippines who want to excel with international clients.

Designed to Succeed

Our end to end process is what sets us apart from the rest. 

A Solid Success Framework

We give you our operational success framework which includes:

  • Systems to help you scale
  • Team training
  • Process map libraries
  • Delegation success strategies
  • Execution best practices
our mission
our mission

A Support-Centric Ecosystem

We don’t just give you a set of hands to do the doing (although that’s pretty epic in itself!). We come with our army to shower you in success. 

  • Dedicated Virtual Assistants
  • Results Coaches
  • Client Success Managers
  • Learning & Development Team
  • Happy Hearts Team (HR)
  • Plus lots more ….

A Rapid Growth Model

A business growth flywheel doesn’t just appear. It needs to be built. 

We are here to get your flywheel spinning faster & more cost efficiently. The right framework plus the right hands to get all the ‘doing’ done (without all the employee headaches!) is your ticket to scalable business success.

our mission

Outsourcing Masterclass: How to Delegate & Scale Successfully