What are the Initial fees For?

The Initial Set-Up Fee:

In essence, the set-up fee encompasses the comprehensive efforts exerted by our Client Success Team on behalf of the client. This fee facilitates the seamless execution of a multi-step onboarding process, enabling the Client Success Team to meticulously prepare the client and fine-tune the Virtual Assistant selection process tailored to their account.

The Security Bond:

By definition, the security bond refers to a financial deposit made by the client to The Virtual Hub as a guarantee for the fulfillment of contractual obligations and adherence to the terms and conditions of the agreement.

The security bond may be utilized in the event of a client’s default on contractual obligations, including non-payment, breach of terms, or failure to fulfill agreed-upon responsibilities. Should the agreement be terminated due to circumstances outlined in the contract, The Virtual Hub reserves the right to utilize the security bond to cover any outstanding liabilities.

However, upon successful completion of the contractual obligations and in the absence of any defaults or breaches, the security bond will be refunded to the client within a reasonable timeframe - we need this to be time-bound.

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