September 16, 2021

Discovering & Honing your Superpower

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Barbara Turley is an investor, entrepreneur, and Founder & CEO of The Virtual Hub - a business she started by accident that exploded in the space of 12 months to become one of the leading companies that recruits, trains, and manages virtual assistants for businesses who need to free up time and energy so they can go to the next level. With a strong focus on customized training and ongoing career development, Barbara ensures that her team is trained in cutting-edge programs (like Hubspot, Ontraport, etc.) to best meet their clients’ unique needs in digital marketing, social media, personal assistant services, and administrative

Key Points in the Conversation with Steve Kidd of Thriving Entrepreneur:
  • How Barbara Turley started her business
  • What is it like to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines
  • What tasks you should delegate first to your virtual assistant
  • The things that you need in order to get started with virtual assistants
  • What we should have learned from a bad experience with a virtual assistant
  • What is the best way to try out a virtual assistant

Key Takeaways:

“People now realize that it doesn't matter whether somebody is in, you know, next door, next state, or another country, it's all remote anyway. So it's becoming a lot more mainstream to think about having people, not just in the Philippines, and this  concept of location is becoming less relevant today than it ever was before. So that's the first thing to really think about when this conversation comes up”

“Outsourcing or delegating to a virtual assistant, or whatever it may be. If you do it properly, it is really going to pay you back enormously, financially, because you're freed up to grow the business. But even if you want to be that solo operator, it can pay you back such massive freedom dividends to enable you to go and do the things you want to do”

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