June 8, 2023

The Small Business with Lori Brooks Show

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Barbara Turley is an investor, entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of The Virtual Hub, a business she started entirely by accident. Barbara has quickly scaled her business to become one of the industry leaders in integrating in-house virtual assistance into her clients' businesses.

Key Points in the Conversation with Lori Brooks of The Small Business Show:
  • Barbara talks about her entrepreneurial journey
  • Barbara talks about how she started The Virtual Hub by accident
  • Barbara talks about the importance of creating a system in your business
  • Barbara talks about the importance of optimizing your Platforms, Processes, and People
  • Barbara talks about why delegation is important in business
  • Barbara talks about how setting specific Objectives and Key results in your business can help you grow

Key Takeaways:

“VAs need to be trained. We have an entire learning and organizational department that's very large now. And we don't recruit for clients. So this is a big thing. We're not a recruiter. We actually recruit for ourselves. We know exactly the types of people we're looking to find. We have our own training platform.  And only when we feel we have produced the quality VA that we know our clients are looking for, do we even attempt to start to try to pair with the client demand coming in”

“I'm a big believer in objectives and key results. There's a whole movement around it where you set the objective for bringing this person in. So what is this objective? If it's to free your time by 30%? And then you would set up, like, what would be the key results to show you that both of you, that this is working over time, and you wanna connect those goals and key results to the actual work being done"

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