October 9, 2023

Barbara Turley on the Relentless Pursuit of Time Efficiency

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Barbara is an investor and entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of The Virtual Hub, a business she started by accident that scaled quickly to become one of the leading companies that integrates in-house trained virtual assistants into client businesses. This strategy frees up time and energy so that businesses can focus on optimising their operations further to achieve business growth goals. With a strong focus on customised training and ongoing career development, The Virtual Hub ensures that her team is trained in cutting edge programs that many of us are familiar with — things like HubSpot, Ontraport and the like. Familiarity with these programs allows her team to best meet their client’s unique needs in digital marketing, social media, operational support, and admin services. When she’s not working on her business, Barbara is a mom to her gorgeous kids, Ruby and Alexander, and wife to her best friend.

Barbara Turley, understands the needs of busy professionals these days and through her business, helps them get more out of each day without sacrificing results.

Key Points in the Conversation with Mary Lou Kayser of the Play Your Position Podcast:
  • How Barbara Turley started The Virtual Hub
  • The importance of systems and processes
  • The importance of delegating tasks 
  • Dealing with the pressure to delegate
  • The rise of Chat GPT and the evolution of AI
  • How to augment VAs with AI
  • The importance of delegating effectively
  • The relentless pursuit of time efficiency

Key Takeaways:

“So we've put offshore team members in, we've got a team of five or six in there now, taking the pressure off the key people so that we can work with the key people to optimise the systems they're using, how they're managing projects, their communication flow, and how the entire, strategy to execution piece is working so that the idea is that we can help the company to grow technically with using the same current resourcing, but just reorganise”

“I want to make businesses more efficient across the three P's of operational efficiency, which is platforms, processes, and people, and you want to optimise the three of those things together holistically and that's when you create a really amazing business”

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