April 24, 2016

How Pip McKay Achieved Entrepreneurial Freedom by Investing in A Great Virtual Assistant

Let's find out how Pip McKay was able to focus on her grand vision and expanded her business by investing in a great virtual assistant.

Q: Tell Us A Bit About Your Business and Your Grand Vision?

A: That every human being has access to tools and techniques to fulfill their potential, find their passion and purpose and clear away negativity from the past.

investing in a great virtual assistant

Q: What made you decide to get a virtual assistant?

A: I really wanted someone to do repetitive administration, marketing, database and web tasks so I could get on with my grand vision.

Q: How has getting a good virtual assistant helped you to accelerate your vision for your business?

A: It would not be possible to reach the numbers of people that I have without a VA.  They are essential to assist a business to grow and fulfill its potential. It is also great to have people to bounce ideas off and to support you.

investing in a great virtual assistant

Q: What is one specific area or project your VA has worked on with you to get results in your business?

A: Setting up our Free 1 Day Event Systems and update the website and everything in Ontraport.

Here are the 2 projects that Herz has helped me with:

a. Setting up our 1 Day Event Page and making sure it worked this page has had great results and has made a big difference to our business. The original design came from somewhere else but the forms weren’t always working now they are great. We have been able to expand into Brisbane because of this.

b. Creating Facebook quotes that are being shared which is also great promotion of our website. Herz has a real flair for these. He picks great quotes from my blogs and web and then finds fantastic pictures.

investing in a great virtual assistant

Q: How has life changed for you since getting a VA?

A: I have a much bigger web and Facebook presence because of VAs. This has expanded my business and allowed me to reach more people. We have doubled our 1 Day Events and that increases numbers in our workshops.

Q: What would you say to others who are thinking about getting a VA but too nervous or overwhelmed to pull the trigger?

A: If you really want to solve business problems and free yourself to do what you are passionate about it is worth investing in a great virtual assistant. It will enhance you ability to think in a systematised way and professionalise every aspect of your business.

investing in a great virtual assistant

Q: If people want to know more about your business or connect with you what’s the best way?

A: The best way to contact us is to go to http://www.pipmckay.com.au/

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