February 22, 2017

How Maria Golding Aced Her Product Launch Formula With Her VA

Maria Golding, Creator of Intuitive Motherhood Programs, Motherhood Mentor, Mental Health Professional and Previous Midwife,  brings her mothering wisdom to create programs that support, nourish and connect Mamas and families everywhere.

She helps mothers transform their guilt and disconnection to feeling vibrantly alive and gorgeously wise in motherhood through her product launch formula, along with the skills to help their child embody their own unique personality.

product launch formula

Q: Tell Us A Bit About Your Business and Your Grand Vision?

A: My business was born from my deep desire to help mothers be empowered and gorgeously wise in motherhood.

From my 30yrs professional experience, I saw how there was a lack of parenting skills and awareness which affected children in so many ways.. such as behaviour or anxiety issues, low self-esteem and lack of confidence, friendship problems … sometimes leading to really difficult teenage years.

I wanted to help mothers develop a deeper richer connection with their child, balanced with good strong healthy boundaries, and for their child to have the inner security to be able to navigate this rapidly changing world.

I knew the importance of empowering children to fully express who they are, know how to bring compassion to others, and remain intuitive and connected to their body wisdom.

I desired for mothers to learn the art of extraordinary self-care, which did not necessarily take extra time or money. I knew they were overwhelmed with so much conflicting information, and needed a wise elder to take them by the hand and help them in the latest, most effective ways.

I ‘got’ that they couldn’t do it alone. That a village of like-minded mothers would inspire them to reach greater heights of personal and parenting change.

So together with my professional knowledge and personal experience as a mother to two now adult children, I created the Intuitive Motherhood Program. I tried and tested it over the last couple of years, with raving results and “this course changed my life” type testimonials.

My vision for 2017 onwards is for the program to be a catalyst for transformation for every mother it reaches. And for every child possible to be mothered in these ‘new paradigm’ ways.

product launch formula

Q: What made you decide to get a virtual assistant?

A: Out of total necessity. If I wanted my work to go from being a passionate hobby with an altruistic drive to an actual business. I found myself being completely paralyzed by the roadblocks that my lack of IT ability brought.

It was impossible for me to proceed with my work. I couldn't do it. I needed help.

Q: How has getting a good virtual assistant helped you to accelerate your vision for your business?

A: Absolutely. I would still have remained stuck if I hadn’t decided to invest in a VA. I particularly have found that having a familiar VA who was committed to my business each day of the working week has resulted in them feeling a sense of ownership to the vision.

Instead of it being just ‘my’ vision it’s become ‘our vision’. 

This has resulted in a shared enthusiasm, and my VA has quickly shown initiative further enhancing and accelerating the business. So much more gained in less time. It would have been a very slow road without her!

product launch formula

Q: What is one specific area or project your VA has worked on with you to get results in your business?

A: I needed to create a whole launch funnel and redo my entire membership site in a hurry. This required a very committed and skilled VA. The timeframes were tight, and there was not much room for error.

There is no doubt that having a high functioning VA who also had access to a support team that The Virtual Hub provides, made it possible.

I’m so proud of the success we had in pulling this all together, and I’m so grateful and in awe of Joane who was my VA at that time.

Q: How has life changed for you since getting a VA?

A: Now I feel more organised. The systems The Virtual Hub uses has helped me understand what is required as a business owner, and how to function to get the best results. Having these systems in place has given me so much more confidence. I feel more motivated to get up each day and ‘do the work’.

Having my own personal VA means I’m accountable to her, and we get to share in the problem solving and excitement of the business together. It feels less lonely and I’m sure I work harder because of now having a ‘team’.

product launch formula

Q: What would you say to others who are thinking about getting a VA but too nervous or overwhelmed to pull the trigger?

A: I think when you do get one you’ll finally have the time to focus on building your brand and your product and take it to a whole new level. It’s definitely a necessity in my opinion.

Once you have worked with your VA for a while and got into the rhythm of your work I suggest you also invest in a strategist. Using the two together has been my formula for success!

Q: If people want to know more about your business or connect with you what's the best way?

A: Go to mariagolding.com + Get my free workshop videos ‘want to go from mama guilt and worry to being deeply connected with your child’.

This will also subscribe you to regular updates on all the latest motherhood science and wisdom. If you are a business owner you can also connect with me at [email protected]. I love to being asked on podcasts and interviews!

If you are interested in the Intuitive Motherhood Program, go to intuitivemotherhood.com to get on the waiting list. 

Find me on FB here: https://www.facebook.com/intuitivemotherhoodwithmariagolding/

And join the FREE Intuitive Mamas FB group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/intuitivemamas/

Thank you so much for your interest. I hope this has helped you, and I wish you every success in your business, motherhood (if that applies) and life! 

Much love, Maria

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