June 7, 2021

5 Employee Engagement Tips to Boost the Morale in Your Workplace

"Happiness inspires productivity". This is a quote by NY Times bestselling author, Shawn Achor, in his book The Happiness Advantage and Big Potential. Work can become quite stressful for some. At the end of the day, we all want to have a healthy work-life balance. 


Everyone deserves to feel at home in their workplace. When employees feel dissatisfaction, the system tumbles. As a leader, it's up to you to fix the discord through active employee engagement.


So what actually makes up for a good work environment? The concept of employee morale is complex.  If you can achieve good morale in the workplace, motivation and behavior at work will improve.   


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What is Employee Morale?


It is the general satisfaction and positive attitude of employees at work. Having higher morale gives them that extra push to bring out their best effort at all times. If employees earn job satisfaction, the fulfillment creates a sense of fulfillment. This outlook is a sign of good morale. And with it, comes efficiency and productivity.

What are the factors that affect it? 

A lot of factors weigh in when it comes to gauging their levels of job satisfaction. It can be for financial reasons that include salary and benefits. 

employee morale

For some, it's finding value in mental health and well-being. There are individuals that yearn for career growth and maximizing their potential. Others are looking for a company they can call home.

Every employee has their own sets of factors. But meeting a general satisfaction for all contributes to positive company culture. 

employee morale

Why is Employee Engagement necessary? 


Remember, a workforce consists of everyone involved in the business. All play a vital role in the production, from the top and down to the last chain of command. 

A workforce is a machine. If an employee is not feeling satisfied, he or she might produce negative energy. This possible disruption can spread towards other employees. It can limit your productivity or worse, the system freezes. 


A high turnover means that you lose more employees than you can keep. As a leader, you want a solid foundation for your team. Mutual growth should thrive amidst your employees and your company. This high employee turnover only costs more time and expenses. It restarts your system over and over again with new employee training programs. A high attrition rate can also affect your company's credibility. Having this company background can be intimidating for applicants. 

To increase retention and avoid losing talent, you have to build loyalty and trust. That way, you thrive as one full force with the best employees you cultivated.


Now that you have a grasp on employee satisfaction, it's time you do your part by engaging with your team members. A good leader must engage and keep steady communication with their team. 


Here are easy employee engagement solutions you can promote to bring out the best in your team. 

employee morale

Receive employee feedback and acknowledge them 

A good leader knows how to listen. Encourage honest feedback from your employees so they can feel essential. By providing the space and time to speak their minds, you gain their trust and loyalty. Business owners should keep active communication with their team.


Feedback is necessary to find what's lacking or what needs improvement. In hearing this, you must be receptive so they can reciprocate. Sincerity is a company trait that you want to cultivate in your team. 

But this doesn't stop with receiving. You should also know how to channel this feedback with the right response. Encourage everyone from your team to do their part to achieve full cooperation. 


Some companies conduct private employee-employer sessions to promote more intimacy and participation. You may also create a generated system where they can fill up a survey or feedback form. 

employee morale

Recognize talent and effort

Motivation must come with recognition. Employees, like their managers, also deserve feedback. Studies show that employee recognition is effective in boosting performance and efficiency. It's a low-cost effort that can lead to massive positive results. These efforts can be as simple as verbal communication such as praises. If one's work proved fruitful over a certain period of time, promotions should be in place. It's only essential to pay off hard work with trust and recognition. 


Privileges and perks can also be incentives for hard work and perseverance. These efforts may vary per company policies and culture. Make sure that your employees are onboard on these incentives.


Recognition should be genuine. You want to promote an environment where authenticity can thrive. 

Cultivate creativity and innovation with engaging activities 


For most, 8 hours in a day at the office can be dull and tedious. You might want to break the ice and make the workplace even more exciting!


Nowadays, companies have become more creative in their employee engagement activities. Some put a value on the well-being of their employees because mental health matters at work. So, several wellness programs that relieve stress and anxiety can work as a solution. The most common programs include yoga and fitness programs. 

Team-building activities are also exciting because it promotes collaboration and foundation. The Human Resource team handles these activities with much anticipation. It can be an annual event that every employee would be looking forward to. Through these extracurricular events, they can build relationships among their peers. It's an interesting way for everyone to get closer and know more about every team member. Find out the activities that most of your employees have in common. Make it a celebration so that everyone can join in on the fun!


Social gatherings may have become limited nowadays. Technology made it possible to work for remote work and work-from-home arrangements. Through video call conferences, people can now communicate online. It has made it a lot easier to send files, do online meetings, and conduct business. So if you're planning a catch-up meeting with your team, it's easier to do so even while away. 

employee morale

Promote effective training and employee development 


Making it in the industry you've always wanted is the best feeling. But the challenge soon comes after when you're in it. Most people's first day in the office is always met with drive and determination. And you don't want to lose this spark they've had when they first came in.

To keep the positive employee morale, you must help them learn and thrive in work. Provide effective training programs related to their job so they continue to grow. Develop their strengths and cultivate their skills so they can feel their worth as an asset. 


Some companies have mentorship programs for career-driven individuals. This attracts people who want to learn from the best in a more hands-on setup.  Train managers to engage and interact more with their team members. Enhance their emotional intelligence, verbal and nonverbal skills. Shape a culture of excellence that your team can nourish and develop. 


There are employee development programs that conduct workshops and seminars. Equip your team with skill-based knowledge and resources to enhance efficiency and value. By involving them in more training, they gain more confidence and credibility. Promote talented individuals with enough training and expertise. Trust in your team and they will reciprocate it back to you. 

Create a comfortable working environment


As said, some people spend half of their day working in the office or field. Sitting on the same spot, drinking from the same cup of coffee, or working on a printer are some of the mundane scenes.


Bring life into your office space by adding some color and vibe to it. Interior design can help elevate the mood and creativity in the office. Plants breathe life and nature that can relieve stress and anxiety. Invest in technology and equipment to increase the productivity and efficiency of systems. By improving the workplace, you can boost the morale of your employees. Vigor and positivity from the external factors that affect one's mood.

employee morale

Turn the work environment into a place they can call home. Inspire your team with creativity and life to raise their morale. 


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In conclusion, all these tips enhance both the morale of your employees and the company. Mutual satisfaction and outlook are essential in building trust and loyalty. 


Having a valuable team is a great investment. Cherish your team and enrich their work-life balance. These are the keys to employee satisfaction.


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