Raymond Leones

Social Media Specialist

Raymond is one of the virtual assistants based in Cebu who graduated from the University of San Carlos with a degree in Business Administration majoring in Human Resource Development Management. Though Raymond had majored in human resource, he started his career as a sales specialist where he learned to develop his confidence and ability to tackle different personalities. Over the years, Raymond has been immersed with different company cultures and people, which gave him the opportunity to develop his communication skills, as well as being flexible with different tasks given.

With music and photography as his main hobby, he has also contributed in previous companies with his creativity and talent for taking photos. At The Virtual Hub, he still shares his passion for a creative flare and perfection by managing the company’s social media pages and instilling the company values to promote the company brand.

In his spare time, Raymond likes to play his bass guitar with alternative jazz and jazz as his main genre of music, and he also plays the bass in a catholic organization. He also likes taking photographs of people and events, which he has been doing professionally since 2014. He also takes time to bake and travel whenever he gets the chance.


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