Friderick Laude

Operations Manager

Friderick graduated with honors at Ateneo de Zamboanga University with a degree in Commerce major in Financial Management. He is in the BPO industry since 2006 and has witnessed the evolution of the industry over time. His exposure was not an easy ride and out from this experience he discovered that his mission is to build and sustain world-class Filipino talent so that the world will know that Filipinos can exponentially and positively impact the world of digitalisation.

He is a voracious reader, loves singing and spoken-word poetry. He loves Literature and Philosophy. He dreams of creating a platform to help others discover their leadership potential, and if they do, help them thrive in this BPO industry. Today, joining The Virtual Hub is his way of equipping himself to be ready and better in this ever-dynamic digitalised environment.

He operates through introspection, and that by looking inwardly, he can positively impact others. He is very passionate with his people’s success as he understand that this translate to his client’s success too.


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