Why Go The Virtual Hub Way?

A quick and painless guide that seeks to answer every client’s question about our process

THE 411

Many online business owners need help but don’t know where to start. Some have taken the leap to hire an offshore Virtual Assistant, but seem to be unable to move forward due to their VA’s lack of expertise. The Virtual Hub’s mission is to eliminate overwhelm by helping business owners operate their business while ensuring that the VA they take in is able to perform their tasks with confidence and with a capable suite of support.

Simple By Design

How does it work?

our process

Step 1: Screening

Each applicant is thoroughly assessed by our team to weed out unsuitable prospects before they’re even considered for a placement with us

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Step 2: Training

Successful applicants are offered job contracts and are put through a rigorous training program, during which their progress and quality of work are closely monitored

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Step 3: Pairing

Once VA hopefuls complete the training program, they are evaluated and graded. Once successful, they are thoughtfully paired with clients who match their personality, skillsets, and strengths

our process

Step 4: Meet Ups

Prospective VAs meet our clients, who will then conduct online interviews. Throughout our process, clients get the chance to know our VAs more and see whether they click as a team.

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Step 5: Selection

The VA gets selected by our client and is admitted into their respective team. They will receive on-going support throughout their journey with The Virtual Hub.

But that's only the tip of the iceberg

our process

Here at The Virtual Hub, we believe in teamwork. Everyone is part of one big jigsaw puzzle. No one is truly alone; we all succeed or fail together (but honestly, we prefer to succeed).


VAs are assigned to teams, and each team has a designated Team Leader. Team Leaders ensure that everyone is happy and productive, mentor new and tenured VAs, and help enforce the company’s policies and regulations. Our leaders also continually monitor our VA’s work and ensure the quality of their work is at par with the hub’s  standards.


Everyone working at The Virtual Hub gathers in one online Hub where people can share ideas, resources, expertise, and tips on how to complete tasks ranging from routine to extra challenging. This is where VAs go to get the support they need apart from that which they already get from their Team Leaders and Success Coaches. Talk about VA perks!

We don’t just give you a VA.

We give you an entire ecosystem.

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