January 11, 2021

Barbara is a CEO & Skier

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Barbara Turley, CEO of The Virtual Hub, talks about her passion for skiing and how it plays a role into her career running a company and challenging yourself towards mastering a certain skill!

Key Points in the Conversation with John Garrett of What’s Your “And”? Podcast:
  • How Barbara Turley got into skiing
  • How Barbara’s passion for skiing has impacted her career
  • Talking about skiing at work
  • Building the culture at The Virtual Hub
  • You can’t help everyone
Key Takeaways:

“When you’re in an individualistic sport, yes, there are competitors, but you’re sort of focused on your own game, you’re competing with yourself”

“I don’t really look at others. I go, you know what, I just watch for the nuances and watch for the mistakes and try to tweak and evolve and practice and all that sort of thing and I honestly think that those sports have helped me to hone that skill and that’s been very pivotal in my journey”

“There are days where I think I have so much work to do, I really just need to focus on work, and like I’ll go up the mountain and be like, I shouldn’t be going today, too much work. And then I’ll get up the mountain, I’ll ski for two hours and I’ll come down, I’m on fire, like my ideas, my division, my whole energy system has changed and it’s just vitally important that we give in to it and do it“

“My philosophy has always been you give me a great person, that’s a glass half full person who’s smart enough, and loves what it is that we do and is enthusiastic about life in general. I can teach them anything, right? It’s just, you need that fundamental base“

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