November 2, 2018

Virtual Hub Barbara Turley – School For Startups Radio

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Barbara Turley is the founder and CEO of The Virtual Hub – a virtual assistant recruitment and management agency. She scaled the company in a short 12 months to become one of the leading virtual assistant companies in the digital marketing and social media space. Her mission is to eradicate “small business overwhelm” by simplifying the offshore outsourcing process and facilitating cost-effective business scalability. Barbara and her team make this happen every day at The Virtual Hub. The company is disrupting a stale industry. Rather than doing business “the usual way,” they actually create their own virtual assistant successes (and yours) through deep training programs, ongoing career development and coaching. She also hosts The Virtual Success Show podcast.
Key Points in the Conversation with School For Startups Radio:
  • Barbara talked about the initial start of The Virtual Hub
  • Lessons learned in the first year of The Virtual Hub
  • The services offered by The Virtual Hub, what clients get and the benefits of outsourcing work and delegating tasks
  • The different levels of Virtual Assistants that The Virtual Hub has
  • Platforms and services The Virtual Hub specialize in
  • Why Barbara chose the Philippines as the place to source Virtual Assistants
  • Barbara explains the concept of offshoring and how it is an extension or a new version of the Lean Business Model
  • The importance of systems and processes and having people run them
  • The difference between a Project Manager and a Virtual Assistant

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