October 11, 2020

Scale Your Business Without The Overwhelm With Barbara Turley

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Barbara Turley, the CEO of The Virtual Hub, the manifestation of her personal desire to help as many entrepreneurs as possible scale their business without the overwhelm. Barbara relates how she was able to manage her tasks by finding a virtual assistant, which eventually led her to create her business and help others.

Her background has been in financial services, trading stocks and building a successful financial career. But there was a transformational moment where she went, and got some additional help in taking care of tasks in her life. She reached out, she found a virtual assistant that she liked and had such a good experience managing a virtual assistant. Before she knew it, she was the expert and was growing a business helping others.

Key Points in the Conversation with Aaron Scott Young of The Unshackled Owner:
  • How Barbara Turley Started
  • The mindset that you need in order to succeed in your business
  • Why Delegation is Important
  • What services can you get when hiring a virtual assistant from The Virtual Hub
  • How to treat your employees


Key Takeaways:

“When you eradicate overwhelm, you unlock the business owner to go and build the business that they dreamt of building that they ended up going down a path of not building”

“The truth is there are tasks that need to be done right there where you’re sitting. There are tasks that can be outsourced from around the world across the other side of the planet. One thing that COVID has clearly shown us is that we can stay open even if we can’t be at the office. We can work from home”

“You have to be sure about what you want as well. If you can connect to what you want regardless of what’s possible, then you can go and make decisions about that”

“If you don’t hire staff, you’ll never going to get out and unshackle yourself”

“There are some things that are difficult to delegate. It doesn’t mean they’re impossible to delegate”

“If you learn to delegate effectively, all the other skills will come accidentally by mistakes, but delegation is not a topic that’s talked about enough in the entrepreneurial community because it’s what the COOs do”

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