November 20, 2023

Using Virtual Assistants and Processes To Optimize Your People Strategy and Scale Your Business

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Barbara Turley is the Founder and CEO of The Virtual Hub, a firm providing fully managed, trained, and dedicated virtual assistants to business owners and operators to help them scale. Before becoming an entrepreneur, she spent 15 years in the corporate world as an account manager and an equity trader for various brands. Additionally, Barbara is a speaker, podcast host, and operational efficiency enthusiast who passionately helps businesses remove bottlenecks and scale.

Barbara Turley believes VAs are an essential resource for business owners looking to scale. They help manage your workload and free up your time so you can focus on growing your brand. However, not all VAs are created equally. Hiring an expert VA who specializes in providing valuable insights and suggestions for improving your systems and processes is crucial to help you streamline your workflow and increase efficiency. So why wait? Start exploring the benefits of working with a VA today!

Key Points in the Conversation with Pat Yates of The Quiet Light Podcast:
  • Barbara Turley talks about her professional background and transitioning to entrepreneurship
  • The genesis of The Virtual Hub and what it offers
  • The virtual assistant culture-building and onboarding process
  • Barbara explains how they help entrepreneurs come up with operational frameworks, systems, and processes
  • Why business leaders struggle with delegating tasks
  • What’s The Virtual Hub’s pricing model?
  • The three-step operational efficiency blueprint for a scalable business
  • Barbara discusses how having systems, processes, and VAs in place impact selling a business
  • The Virtual Hub’s customer success stories

Key Takeaways:

“If you want to build a scalable business, that is the asset value of it is high. You want to have a machine and part of a machine is having the right platform architecture, the right process, systems and processes and then being able to delegate to the most cost effective people that you can possibly get, right?”

“Usually, people blame the VA or blame their lack of delegation ability and run a mile and go back to doing things themselves.Really what you want to see there is, where did the mistakes occur? Mistakes are like gifts because they're going to show you where there are holes in your process because sometimes a step is easy for you to do, but there's thinking that happens in your head while you're doing that step that you need to now teach somebody else. You need to add a step that breaks that out. So you've got to iterate the process and you've got to go deeper with processes and be as descriptive as possible.”

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