January 1, 2020

Scaling Your Business: The Secret to Building High Performing Teams with Barbara Turley

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So what’s the secret to building high performing teams?

If you’re going to scale your business, you’ll need to be able to rely on your teams. What can leaders do to elevate their teams from pretty good to absolutely amazing?

In this podcast episode, Bean Ninjas CEO Meryl Johnston continues her discussions with Barbara Turley about scaling your business and building high performing teams.

Hear Barbara Turley talk about her business experiences, insights into systemization and process writing, and how her time at ‘Grow with Hubspot’ led to some interesting revelations.


Key Points in the Conversation with Bean Ninjas CEO Meryl Johnston
  • Barbara talks about using Virtual Assistant (VA) roles in customer support
  • Meryl talks about multi-tasking while rolling out a new Bean Ninjas training course
  • Barbara talks about learnings from the Grow with Hubspot Conference on high performing teams.
  • Daily huddle/pipeline meetings and matching demand with supply among the whole of the team
  • Harnessing a feeling of an amazing team working together
  • Having trust, removing politics, and  utilizing each other’s strengths to cross pollinate skills across teams, and building this into KPIs
  • Listen deeply when others are speaking to discover how they attack problems and learn
  • Lessons from the sprint: developing systems and delegating effectively to make sure people can take on new processes
  • How to carve out time in role, where time is wasted in a role
  • Good communication and trust is key to training your management team
  • Getting your leaders to create their own high performing teams
  • The trouble with leaders who are not process driven – who will do what & when? Leadership is about mapping out the plan.
  • Small businesses need implementers as employees, not visionaries.

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