April 2, 2024

Demystifying Virtual Assistants with Barbara Turley

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Barbara Turley’s mission is to eradicate business overwhelm and remove the friction that stunts growth by helping clients to optimize their operations using offshore teams of virtual assistants, clever automations and streamlined processes. The Virtual Hub makes this happen every day through virtual assistants who can aid with digital marketing, social media and administrative support plus consultants & system architects who optimize platforms and processes for growing businesses.

The Virtual Hub is a virtual assistant company with the added advantage of an operational efficiency consulting and implementation team. Rather than doing business “the usual way,” they actually create their own virtual assistant successes (and yours) through deep training programs (including software like Hubspot and Ontraport) as well as ongoing career development and customized coaching to best serve each of their clients.

Key Points in the Conversation with Seth Greene of the SharkPreneur Podcast:
  • How many business owners face the problem of needing staff to implement strategies but don’t have time to hire employees
  • Why business owners shouldn’t expect virtual outsourcing to magically solve all their problems
  • How delegation is key, but many people struggle to relinquish control and properly communicate their needs to virtual assistants
  • Why it’s vital for entrepreneurs to map their processes and systematize tasks to delegate effectively while retaining control over the business
  • How AI is not a tool that can replace human workers, but it is a tool that people should utilize

Key Takeaways:

“Recruiting is difficult. It's an art and science like anything, to recruiting anywhere in the world. But when you're dealing with support staff, it's a tricky one. So, this gets me onto the whole point of a virtual assistant. The other area where people fail is their definition of what a virtual assistant is. And people are describing anyone offshore that helps in any way as a virtual assistant, but the word assistant is very important. And we need to remember what an assistant role is”

“I'm not a fan of relinquishing control. You would think that I would love to relinquish control, but the way that you get over that is by, focusing on process mapping and systemizing, and then you actually retain control while not doing the thing”

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