July 27, 2018

Outsource with Ease and Confidence

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Let me tell you, Barbara Turley, who is the founder and CEO of The Virtual Hub, is one impressive lady! I am not saying that because she hails from my home country, Ireland, but it helps!
Barbara started her career in investment banking with Deutsche Bank, but investment banking’s loss was the gain of business entrepreneurs. While setting up a new business for women who wanted to create wealth and have an impact, Barbara, in her own words, “accidentally” discovered a niche where her clients were asking her to find Virtual Assistants to help with their busy schedules! Demonstrates Barbara’s true entrepreneurial spirit! And so, The Virtual Hub was born!
Key Points in the Conversation with John Murphy International:
  • How Barbara accidentally started The Virtual Hub when her clients as a business coach were asking her to find a virtual assistant for them.
  • Explaining what the hub can do to complete tasks needed to have your businesses run smoothly without having it done by yourself as the driver of the business forward.
  • List of tasks on what a VA can do.
  • Why should businesses choose The Virtual Hub instead of other available resources.
  • The pitfalls for business owners when endeavoring to optimize the relationship with the VA.
  • Barbara talks about her Daily Huddle which she is a strong advocate of.

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