October 17, 2023

Optimizing the Virtual Assistant Model – with Barbara Turley of The Virtual Hub

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Barbara Turley is the founder and CEO of The Virtual Hub. It is an outsourcing firm focusing specifically on Virtual assistants and Barbara runs this firm quite different to the rest of the pack. Barbara is really focused on where she has a different system for recruiting and onboarding and training her virtual assistants before they are deployed to clients.

Barbara’s approach to running her firm sets her apart from others in the industry, with a unique system for recruiting, onboarding, and training virtual assistants before deploying them to clients.

Key Points in the Conversation with Derek Gallimore of the Outsource Accelerator Podcast:
  • Evolution of VA training
  • Optimizing virtual assistant model
  • Realistic role of virtual assistants
  • How Barbara effectively sets and handles client expectations when working with virtual assistants
  • How having the right operational framework can simplify the process of integrating offshore teams into your business
  • The importance of delegating effectively
  • Augmenting virtual assistants through the integration of artificial intelligence

Key Takeaways:

“The best people are those who actually have no experience, but they have the right smarts. They have the right smarts. They have the right attitude and energy. They can be trained, and some of those things are things that you can't teach. You have to hire for that”

“If you want to build a machine that is a business and the asset value of that will be higher if you do it this way, build it as a machine and make sure that the most expensive time and energy that your company is paying for with these A players is not being used on support roles and support functions; those should be pushed offshore so that the business can move forward and not get bogged down in the weeds of busy work”

“Having properly systemized structured operations and good operational frameworks where there is transparency and visibility, not only means that you can now work in a remote environment successfully but it can also simplify the process of integrating offshore teams into your business”

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