February 27, 2024

How Virtual Assistants Can Transform Your Agency or Business with Barbara Turley

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In the Not Another Marketing Podcast, Barbara Turley, CEO of The Virtual Hub, chats with Jon Tromans about the benefits of virtual assistants (VAs) and how they can help businesses optimise their operations.

Barbara highlights the importance of optimising human capital and how a properly delegated VA can drive business growth. She also talks about the lines between VAs, freelancers and designers, emphasising the need for process development for efficient delegation.

We also chat about the impact of AI, guidelines for hiring VAs and the importance of integrating VAs into the company culture.

Key Points in the Conversation with Jon Tromans of the Not Another Marketing Podcast:
  • The benefits of hiring an offshore team
  • Clearing up misconceptions about hiring virtual assistants
  • The importance of having efficient delegation in your business
  • How to delegate effectively
  • What tasks are commonly delegated to virtual assistants
  • The importance of setting the right expectations when working with virtual assistants
  • The impact of AI to virtual assistants
  • The importance of integrating virtual assistants into the company culture

Key Takeaways:

“I think delegation is underrated. And also the skill of being able to delegate effectively is something that's not talked about enough. It is like the gateway to scaling any business. Because if you don't know how to delegate and you don't know how to do operations, which is systems, processes, and delegation, it's going to be very hard to scale a business”

“When you are talking about virtual assistants, it is my honest view that an assistant is really supposed to stay in the support layer. They can be wildly successful and very, very talented, but really they are there to assist in process execution. They can also assist in process development, but if they're going to design a Canva image and they have creative freedom to do that. I would call that a designer. And that's going a layer above assistant and going into an expertise level. That's okay. There's lots of VAs that do that, but it's being clear on what you're hiring for and what your expectation is versus what the role requires and what that person can do”

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