August 23, 2017

Learning to delegate and hiring VAs to scale with Barbara Turley

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Barbara is the founder of The Virtual Hub. We do a deep dive on today’s conversation, all about on how to outsource to virtual assistants. We don’t just talk about those best practices, but I also wanted to understand how Barbara’s been able to build and grow Virtual Angel Hub. She started managing some VAs for herself, and scaled into a powerhouse with 70 VAs in the Philippines and growing.

Key Points in the Conversation with Productize Podcast with Brian Casel:
  • Training the Virtual Assistant and training the manager. The journey from coaching to pivoting into VA recruiting.
  • The value of outsourcing recruiting of VAs. Focusing the VA definition to scale. VA levels and responsibilities
  • Internal systems to support the VAs. Barbara’s best clients. What’s needed to successfully hire a VA.
  • On-boarding process. Why it takes at least 2 weeks to get clients in front of a VA
  • The importance of getting clients ready and set up. The importance of having a few big processes.
  • How the management between VAs and clients looks like.
  • People involved in recruiting: Operations manager, Client liaison manager, Master Trainers, Team Leaders, Success Coaches, Helpdesk Team, Marketing and Sales.
  • Steps to deal with the “curve-ball” situations.
  • Solving new problems and using clients testimonials as marketing. Encouraging clients to provide positive feedback.

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