How Virtual Assistants Exploded My Business And Led to the Perfect Pivot

How Virtual Assistants Exploded My Business And Led to the Perfect Pivot

Have you ever heard of someone launching an accidental business? Perhaps you’ve seen someone perform a business pivot that changed everything!

Well, that’s exactly what happened to me!


I’m Barbara Turley, Founder & Director of The Virtual Hub.


While coaching entrepreneurs to create more scalable businesses I realized pretty quickly that the key problem so many entrepreneurs and business owners face is not lack of strategy or ideas (although there can be a lot of that too!!)…. But extreme lack of time!


All the strategy in the world is useless if you have no time, energy or resources to actually implement.


One of the reasons I had been successful myself in my other businesses was through the effective use of offshore staff. Having a cost effective team around me meant I could launch super fast and keep the engine moving while I drove the business strategy forward.


I assumed everyone was doing this!


I was wrong. When I looked deeper into businesses I was coaching I could see the issue so clearly. While they knew they needed help they were either unsure as to how to go about it or worse, just so time poor that the idea of taking on a new person and integrating them would be another ‘job’ they just didn’t have time for.


So I started recruiting offshore VA’s and putting them into businesses here in Australia with the sole aim of freeing up the business owner so they could do the higher work required to actually grow their businesses.

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how virtual assistants exploded my businessBefore I knew it, I had people calling me wanting to know if I could get them a VA too. They had their own business coaches, but needed what I was offering my other clients.


Within about a month The Virtual Hub was born… Literally by accident rather than by design!


And what a wild ride it has been.


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