July 9, 2018

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Internet Marketing

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We all know that digital marketing is a multi-faceted machine, and learning all the parts that make that machine run smoothly and efficiently can take years of training, practice, and experience in this field.

On top of knowing everything we’re required to do—along with the way that digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving—we need to make sure that we maintain a certain level of consistency in the work we put out, making sure that we’re appearing constantly to our audience and our clients.

How do we manage to balance both with the limited time we have as business owners?

Key Points in the Conversation with Traffic & Leads Podcast:
  • What Barbara and The Virtual Hub do to help business owners get traffic and leads online, run and scale businesses.
  • When to get a strategist or a consultant versus a VA as business owners often confuse what a VA does and what a strategist does.
  • Mapping out business plans and your end goals to run things smoothly and successfully.
  • Running traffic online and having VAs work on marketing tasks such as keyword research, topic mining, and proper blog content formatting.
  • Leveraging and repurposing contents.
  • Common misconceptions on starting a business.

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