November 1, 2017

Growing a Business with Help from a Virtual Assistant

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Do you need a virtual assistant, and are you ready to hire one? The founder of The Virtual Hub tackles all the big questions around outsourcing the growth of your business.

Barbara Turley has always been passionate about starting her own business, which is what eventually led her to found The Virtual Hub, a company that matches entrepreneurs and small businesses with a highly trained virtual assistant. She talks to Chris Davis about what it takes to grow a business, what she learned in her first year of entrepreneurship, and why a virtual assistant can be such a powerful tool even before you know you need one.

Key Points in the Conversation with ActiveCampaign:
  • Barbara talks about her career background
  • Talking about process of The Virtual Hub in terms of getting a Virtual Assistant and clients
  • Eradicating overwhelm and solving pain points
  • The open culture between Virtual Assistants and clients
  • The importance of having systems and processes
  • The onboarding process of The Virtual Hub
  • The minumum number of hours you can make use of a VA


Key Takeaways:

“You have to have a product or service that people will literally fall over themselves to buy from you. They will pay money to buy from you today. So it’s a problem that they will pay money to solve, today, not at some point in the future.”

“Don’t go in with your bias. Don’t go in trying to confirm an idea. Go in open-minded and truly have a conversation with your audience, and see what is it that you can offer to alleviate what pain is pressing at that moment.”

“We’ve built a powerhouse company now that people want to get into as opposed to are leaving.”

“The lessons I’ve learned is that you can try and get ahead of your thinking, but you don’t know the problems that are going to evolve, and you don’t know… So you build a solution for the first problem that you found.”

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