How Giumelli Group Changes How People Invest in Real Estate with a VA

How Giumelli Group Changes How People Invest in Real Estate with a VA

Trent Giumelli, CEO of Giumelli Group, is a highly driven, passionate, honest, dedicated, loving, optimistic person who thrives on teaching others the secrets of Real Estate through 18+ years of experience in property investing and development.


Q: Tell Us A Bit About Your Business and Your Grand Vision?

revolutionising real estate investing with virtual assistant helpA: Real Estate Development company revolutionising the way people invest in property.


Q: What made you decide to get a virtual assistant?

A: Matt Malouf and i needed someone with Andrew’s talent.


Q: How has getting a good virtual assistant helped you to accelerate your vision for your business?

A: We couldn’t afford not to have him.


revolutionising real estate investing with virtual assistant helpQ: What is one specific area or project your VA has worked on with you to get results in your business?

A: Social media, video editing, document storage, stock control among other things.


Q: How has life changed for you since getting a VA?

A: Gotten busier but far more efficient.


Q: What would you say to others who are thinking about getting a VA but too nervous or overwhelmed to pull the trigger?

A: Just do it. Don’t hesitate take the plunge you won’t be disappointed.

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Q: If people want to know more about your business or connect with you what’s the best way?

A: Giumelli Group:

Giumelli Group Phone Number: 1-800-69-9325

Giumelli Group Facebook:


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