August 31, 2020

Eradicating Business Overwhelm with Virtual Team Development with Barbara Turley

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Have you ever had overwhelmed with your business and just thought there are all these great things you want to do, but you’re not sure how you’re going to get it done? Barbara Turley, Founder of The Virtual Hub is going to be sharing with you how you can build the team and how it’s going to impact your business for the better.

Barbara Turley’s mission is to eradicate “small business overwhelm” by simplifying the offshore outsourcing process and facilitating cost-effective business scalability. She and her team at The Virtual Hub make this happen every day through digital marketing, social media, personal assistant, and administrative support for growing businesses.

People have lives. Their life isn’t their business, even though it’s a large part of it and everyone experiences overwhelm. How do you take people out of that and get them back on that path of being productive?

Key Points in the Conversation with Mario Fachini of Expert Authority Effect Interviews:
  • How to free up your time to grow your business
  • What should a business owner do
  • Why you don’t have to have experts in every role within your business
  • How to let go of control
  • Mistakes that business owners make
  • How Barbara Turley started
  • Barbara Turley’s advice
  • Internal leverage concept
  • Barbara Turley’s success story
  • What to invest time in
  • How to delegate effectively
  • How efficient and cost-effective is your delivery and your operations
Key Takeaways:

“A lot of stuff that you’re doing, you need to stop doing and delegate to somebody else effectively”

“As businesses grow, you have to continue to evolve and develop your team, your systems, your processes”

“You’ve just got to find a problem that people are willing to pay money to solve right now”

“Take a moment to watch your team as they work and watch them enjoy what they do as well”

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