August 1, 2018

Barbara Turley: Eradicating Small Business Overwhelm

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Barbara Turley has a mission is to eradicate “small business overwhelm” by simplifying the offshore outsourcing process and facilitating cost-effective business scalability. She and her team make this happen every day at The Virtual Hub.
The Virtual Hub is a virtual assistant recruitment and management agency disrupting a stale industry. Rather than doing business “the usual way,” they actually create their own virtual assistant successes (and yours) through deep training programs, ongoing career development and coaching.
Barbara proudly wears the label of Founder and CEO at The Virtual Hub as well as the titles wife and mom … and host The Virtual Success Show podcast.
Key Points in the Conversation with Geoff Nicholson:
  • Barbara talks about how she started the virtual assistant business out from her coaching business
  • The difference with Barbara working at the bank and as an entrepreneur
  • What a virtual assistant is for Barbara
  • Fears of hiring VAs and how it was addressed
  • The benefits of hiring a virtual assistant
  • The onboarding process and getting the right VA for clients
  • The Virtual Hub and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliant for European Clients
  • Barbara’s tips on what to do before hiring a VA, when and how to hire a VA
  • Personal Development Questions for Barbara
  • Barbara shares about her favorite application and tips of using different applications
  • An experience that teaches Barbara with business.
  • How being a mother and entrepreneur at the same time looks like
  • Barbara’s definition of Success
Key Takeaways :

“To people starting out: you need to be persistent and hustle and this needs to be in the right direction.”

“You gotta be persistent but with your head up looking forward not down on the ground.”

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