How Dr. Nina is Helping People Win The Diet War With a Virtual Assistant

How Dr. Nina is Helping People Win The Diet War With a Virtual Assistant

Recognized as a thought leader in eating psychology, Dr. Nina’s work in helping people win the diet war online has been widely published across a variety of media, most notably The Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, Prevention and Real Simple. Let’s dig in how Dr. Nina got her TIME back while her virtual assistant makes sure she wins with Ontraport.


Q: Tell Us A Bit About Your Business and Your Grand Vision?

A: I’m a psychoanalyst, author and speaker and I help people lose weight without dieting (win the diet war online), by helping them figure out what’s eating “at” them instead of focusing on food.  I want to bring my online program to the world and help as many people as possible free themselves from diet prison!

Q: What made you decide to get a virtual assistant?

A: Cloning myself is not a possibility, and I can’t do everything myself, so I needed help.

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Q: How has getting a good virtual assistant helped you to accelerate your vision for your business?

A: I can focus on my goals instead of getting bogged down in figuring out technology, which is time consuming.


Q: What is one specific area or project your VA has worked on with you to get results in your business?

A: Tony did a masterful job redesigning my program in Ontraport.  We switched from Clickfunnels to OP, which was a huge undertaking.  Here’s the “after” of the program.


Ontraport Virtual Assistant


The updated version is cleaner and uses my branding colors.

He also created a landing page with a “countdown” until the updated program goes on sale.  The countdown was his idea, and it was an effective strategy to create need in consumers, since I’ve sold eleven programs in the last two weeks.


Ontraport Virtual Assistant


Q: How has life changed for you since getting a VA?

A: I have TIME back!  I have time to spend with my family, to finish other projects such as my upcoming book, and I’m a lot less stressed.

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Q: What would you say to others who are thinking about getting a VA but too nervous or overwhelmed to pull the trigger?

A: Do it!  You may not think you have enough for your VA to do, or you may not trust that anyone else can implement your vision the way you can, but take the plunge!  You’ll be so glad you did.


Q: If people want to know more about your business or connect with you what’s the best way?

A: Connect with me at my website

Jun 2, 2016

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