April 23, 2019

Don’t Toss The Baton In The Air! With Barbara Turley

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“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”  –George Bernard Shaw
Great communication and clear expectations are the key to any successful evolution.  You can’t just toss the baton in the air and hope the next runner in the relay get it, you have to hand it off.  Those are some of the great points I got from this week’s guest, Barbara Turley.
Barbara is the CEO of Virtual Hub and she shares some key points on managing virtual teams, how important process is, and (and I already alluded to) what great communication with your team really looks like.
Barbara Turley’s mission is to eradicate “small business overwhelm” by simplifying the o shore outsourcing process and facilitating cost-e ective business scalability. She and her team make this happen every day at The Virtual Hub.
The Virtual Hub is a virtual assistant recruitment and management agency disrupting a stale industry. Rather than doing business “the usual way,” they actually create their own virtual assistant successes (and yours) through deep training programs, ongoing career development and coaching.
Barbara proudly wears the label of Founder and CEO at The Virtual Hub as well as the titles wife and mom … and host The Virtual Success Show podcast.
Key Points in the Conversation with Leadership Happy Hour:
  • Barbara talks about what The Virtual Hub does and what it is (Recruit, Train & Manage)
  • What entrepreneurs should do and should be delegating – How communications make or break the virtual teams
  • How leadership affects your overall business
  • Communication channel, daily huddles and documenting processes – Importance of culture and office environment in the business

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