November 13, 2023

Unlocking Business Growth through Delegation & Virtual Assistants with Barbara Turley

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Barbara Turley is an investor, entrepreneur, and Founder & CEO of The Virtual Hub - a business she started by accident that scaled quickly to become one of the leading companies that integrates in-house trained virtual assistants into clients businesses.This strategy frees up time and energy so that businesses can focus on optimizing their operations further to achieve business growth goals. With a strong focus on customized training and ongoing career development, The Virtual Hub ensures that her team is trained in cutting-edge programs (like Hubspot, Ontraport, etc.) to best meet their clients’ unique needs in digital marketing, social media, operational support and administrative services.

Key Points in the Conversation with Michael Johnson of the Business Choreography Podcast:
  • How Barbara Turley started The Virtual Hub
  • What steps to take when your startup doesn't succeed
  • How to address and manage the fear associated with using virtual assistants
  • Setting up for success with remote teams
  • How to effectively oversee your remote team or employees in a virtual work environment
  • Building a strong and positive company culture

Key Takeaways:

“The VA world is an amazing world. Obviously it is because I'm in it and it has the power to change the life of business owners of your team and change the trajectory of your business dramatically. The reason it does that is not because of the VA, it's because of the time they free up and what you do with that time is the important piece to look at”

“We all need to focus on building the business of the future, which is digital. It's a digital first business, and when you do that, location becomes irrelevant, right? Now, there needs to be a place called the office that's kind of in the cloud. And for example. Tools like Asana, you can literally create a space where people show up every day to collaborate, to do work, to report on work and kind of interact”

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