September 18, 2019

Behind the scenes of managing 150 Philippines Virtual Assistants with Barbara Turley

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In Episode 63 of the Bean Ninjas Podcast, Bean Ninjas CEO Meryl Johnston talks to Barbara Turley about the importance of systemizing your business and the value behind properly outsourcing your staff.

Key Points in the Conversation with Bean Ninjas:
  • How Barbara got into the business of hiring Virtual Assistants
  • How the early months of the business look like
  • Barbara identified common Client problems with handling the off-shore team and address each of it
  • The System built that works for both Client and Virtual Assistant
  • Looking into the internal structure of The Virtual Hub team
  • Barbara’s views on internal promotion and hiring management
  • Hiring Team Leaders for Virtual Assistants
  • How personal engagement with the business and people works
  • Reporting structure around the business
  • Biggest Mistakes in hiring Virtual Assistants and how Barbara overcome it
  • Metrics in hiring Virtual Assistants in the Philippines
  • Remote work vs. Office work
  • Characteristics of The Virtual Hub Employees
  • Tips for Startup Business Owners
Key Takeaway 

“Spending years of building systems for the business will surely pay off.”

“Like lots of us who start businesses, we assume everybody knows the stuff that we know, the stuff that we think is simple but people didn’t.”

“Promote people within the business. The huge amount of knowledge and history that came with them is essential for their incoming role.”

“Sometimes your strongest point is to trust the team do the things you are incapable of.”

“A business will possibly have a high rate of success with recruiting and hiring people with established metrics.”

“It is how you successfully and confidently use Virtual assistants to grow your business.”

“It takes a labor of love and lots of patience to make the business work and you will have to learn a lot of things along the way.”

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