August 24, 2017

Aderson OuchSourcing: Barbara Turley – Virtual Angels

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Barbara created her virtual assistant company with the objective of recruiting, training and managing superstar Virtual Angels that may best fit corporate clients needs. In this podcast episode, several great topics have been addressed like Time Zone Management, Proactiveness, Portfolio focus, target Clients and much more over a great chat.
Key Points in the Conversation with Aderson OuchSourcing:
  • How Barbara started recruiting VAs and provided VAs to her clients while doing business coaching and training both VAs and the client together. She also emphasises the importance of online tools and delegating processes.
  • Setting a VA proactive mindset and attitude
  • Profiling because skills can be learned but not enthusiasm, proactiveness or initiative
  • The service model for this kind of business
  • Time zone factor management
  • The current virtual assistant trend
  • Setting expectations
  • Training and coaching of clients
  • How communication will make or break your success in outsourcing
  • How detailed you should be in providing instructions


Some Key Takeaways:

“If you don’t want to do all the leg work yourself you can resort to Virtual Angel Hub.”

“Anyone can be taught how to do something, yet enthusiasm, initiative, and pro-activeness are natural born qualities.”

“Clients also must undergo training and coach to better benefit from having a VA.”

“Slow spoken, crystal clear instructions will speed up your business.”

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