December 6, 2018

Barbara Turley – Inception of The Virtual Hub

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Catch Barbara Turley, CEO and founder of The Virtual Hub, a company that provides solutions for businesses looking to get help implementing their social media, digital marketing and business automation strategies through the help of virtual assistants. Barbara spent 15 years working big corporates mainly in investment banking and finance before the founding of The Virtual Hub.
Key Points in the Conversation with Outsource Accelerator:
  • Barbara’s background in business and how she started The Virtual Hub
  • Barbara’s point of view of outsourcing before and after putting the outsourcing business
  • The reality of outsourcing to freelance virtual assistants versus those that come from professional outsourcing services
  • How Barbara got the success in outsourcing and the focus for the success of clients and virtual assistants
  • The importance of looking for long-term partnerships with virtual assistants
  • How a long-term VA can help grow your business
  • The wins in having good people
  • How the Hub measures VAs before they show them to clients
  • The importance of having good systems and processes, especially when onboarding
  • The importance of feedback and engagement with the client and virtual assistant relationship


Key Takeaways:

“You need to have a strategic mind for outsourcing.”

“Recruiting is one thing but you got to help to try and get success on the client side, and then on the side of the VA.”

“Outsourcing is really almost like a marriage, it’s a long-term partnership and something that you need to invest time into it upfront.”

“So people sort of want to try before they buy the sort of thing but then no one is committing to anyone so the energy is all wrong from day one. So that can be a big problem.”

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