July 4, 2023

The Importance of a Healthy Work-life Balance in The Digital Age

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Barbara Turley is the founder and CEO of The Virtual Hub, providers of virtual assistants that help businesses streamline their processes and optimize their growth. Barbara draws from her own experience of founding and growing The Virtual Hub while raising her kids, and shares her unique approach to achieving and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

We also talk about the distinction of business versus focus, the power of laziness, and the benefits that virtual assistants can bring.

Key Points in the Conversation with Tim Butara of the Agile Digital Transformation Podcast:
  • The importance of a healthy work-life balance in the era of digital transformation and remote work
  • What are the best practices to improve work-life balance
  • How to prevent the negative consequences of having a poor work-life balance
  • The power of laziness
  • The distinction of business versus focus
  • The benefits of hiring virtual assistants

Key Takeaways:

“What will happen is that your best ideas or how to solve problems are not going to come when you're thinking about it. They're going to come when you're doing something else. And I know that my team that are in leadership roles, I need to push them literally to create, to go out and do something that lights their soul on fire and they're not thinking about work. It's nothing to do with work so that they can then come back and actually do great work”

“This idea of getting very focused and making sure that your focus is aligned with the results that your manager or the company's trying to achieve and then figuring out how do we process up all the other things that we might be doing, and hopefully we can learn how to delegate some stuff or automate some stuff and figure out like what are we spending our time on? And being very strict with yourself, with aligning the time that you have with the focus that you have, and where is the urgency, again planning and mapping things out”

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