Tasks your Virtual Assistant can do for you

The most common question we get asked by people looking to hire a Virtual Assistant is:

What jobs can a Virtual Assistant help me with?

Because our Virtual Assistants are so heavily trained by us, they can do more than the average VA!


If you are doing ANY of these tasks yourself, then you are leaving a ton of money on the table in your business by using your time and energy for jobs that need to be systemised, automated, or delegated!

A Virtual Assistant can (and should) do ALL of these for you!

Inbox Zen

Email can be the greatest time sucker there is but as busy, focused people, we hate to miss anything especially if it is an important client with a question! But ALL emails do not need to come to you. Your Virtual Assistant can help you get as close to inbox zen as possible without missing a thing!


  • Manage your email software programs through email filters, autoreplies, signatures
  • Respond to client inquiries where possible, review your inbox, forward important emails to your personal email/business email
  • Delete spam
  • Prepare your newsletter templates and make sure they go out on time on the schedule you set​

Meetings / Appointments / Calendar Streamlining and Management

Hours get wasted every week with arranging bookings & dealing with reschedules, special requests and cancellations. Let your Virtual Assistant manage your diary for you!  


  • Book your meetings with clients, prospects, suppliers, (or ‘date night’ with your spouse!) 
  • Handle cancellations, re-bookings, rescheduling, booking questions, and all the general organisation that goes with that. You just show up and get on with closing sales instead of wasting time arranging and rearranging things.
  • Manage and update your Calendar (iCal/Google Calendar)
  • Check flight schedules and book your tickets for your travel need
  • Re-engage clients who drop off and never come back – let’s send them a gorgeous little gift and invite them back. Your VA can create and manage this entire process for you. They can even automate it!
  • Automate your entire booking process for you, end to end: from creating, customising and installing your bookings systems to managing it once you’re set up and ready to go


Trawling through websites, hunting for and compiling data, gathering intel – it all takes a long time. Allow your Virtual Assistant to do the initial work for you and put together a ‘pack’ you can easily flick through.


  • Conduct online research studies related to your business (market research, competitor research, market analysis, data mining, etc.)
  • Analyse results for your business growth, create reports, and present them to you
  • Attend webinars on your behalf, take notes and report back key points/summaries to you
  • Research, compare and recommend tools/resources to use. 
  • Research new, better, faster, and more efficient ways to do things
  • Create lists of the top bloggers/industry who’s who for your industry
  • Keep an eye on competitors, industry leaders, changes in your industry and keep you informed
  • Research experts for you to interview, hunt out their contact details, manage, connect, and book meetings. 
  • Research, shortlist, and keep you informed of industry events you may want to attend. 

Website / Blog Management

Sure it’s quick to load your own blog posts… but not if you want to get maximum leverage from them!


  • Keyword research to see what people are really searching for in your niche
  • Creation of blog post ideas based on research
  • Create a more ‘readable’ layout for each blog post (so Google loves you!)
  • Find, create, and edit images to go along with your blog posts
  • Repurposing blog content for use across social media
  • Create landing pages (integrated onto your site) for your ‘optin’/free offer on your site (you supply content)
  • Monitor and alert you to comments on your web content
  • Simple SEO optimisations of your content to get more traffic/eyeballs
  • Upload podcasts to your site and the various podcasting directories

Internet Marketing / Social Media Management

Hands up — who has fallen into the Facebook ‘vortex’ more than a few times and woken up a few days later with no work done?! Yes… we get it. Let your Virtual Assistant structure your social media posting, your content, your scheduling, your reach, and your analytics.


  • Manage your social media accounts and maintain online presence by updating your accounts with daily posts 
  • Gather and edit images, quotes related to your business, articles, etc. and schedule your posts by utilising social media post scheduling software such as Coschedule, Hootsuite, etc.
  • Handle social media engagements such as replying to comments, messages, retweets, etc.
  • Help to run ads and marketing campaigns online – you strategise, they implement!
  • Find the blog posts, bloggers, and discussions getting the most traffic and strategising ways for you to grab some of that traffic for your business
  • Content concept and idea creation
  • Test and measure new traffic strategies to drive more of the right clients to your business. 

Administrative Tasks

Whatever about the rest… if you are STILL doing this stuff then seriously you need to rethink your business!


  • Handle inbound and outbound calls, voicemails, follow-ups ups via Skype
  • Research and data collection for reports 
  • Organise business files and documents via Google Docs/Dropbox
  • Create documents via Word, Excel, and presentation slide decks
  • Handle billing and invoicing 
  • Manage and monitor tasks by using platforms such as Asana/Trello
  • Politely follow up your overdue invoices – it has been proven that more invoices get settled when it is NOT you that follows it up!
  • Arrange your Christmas card list every year and make sure (for once!) your clients, contacts, loved ones get a beautiful communication from you… in time 🙂 
  • Follow up clients that drop off with something that will surprise and delight. 


At The Virtual Hub, we are committed to getting you to the next level in your business. We find smart, enthusiastic and proactive personalities to join our team and then we turn them into the superstars that will help YOU and your business evolve.

As part of that, we recognise that some businesses are more developed than others and so require our ‘next level’ Virtual Assistants. We are currently training our most experienced virtual angels on advanced internet marketing systems implementation so if this is the level you require then let us know.


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