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Here's what happens next:

Each day our entire team – Recruitment, HR, Master Trainers, Operations, Finance, Client Accounts – come together in one meeting to navigate each of the pipelines from client demand to supply from among our current and incoming team members.

We run 24 hours, across all timezones and offer 3 levels of VAs with part-time and full-time options for clients.

This makes for a lively, pretty dynamic and often tricky exercise to meet everyone’s needs … so please, bear with us!

Your recent meetup experience, feedback and selections will be assessed in our upcoming meeting today.

We will confirm your selection let you know the next steps within the next 24 hours. Next steps will involve agreeing on logistics like start dates and times, contracts and payment.

In order to secure your selected VA we will ask that you proceed with the next steps in the following few days, otherwise, we will start to put the VA onto other accounts so we have efficient usage of time across all teams.

However, we will let you know if this might happen and give you time to get back on track if need be, so don’t worry.

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