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Executive Assistants 

Custom Trained

For Scaling Up Coaches 

Our Mission: 

We Are People Who Love People.

Our Mission is to Unlock Dreams.

Behind every great business, there are great people - people with big ideas and big dreams. Dreams that too often get roadblocked by busywork.

From e-commerce and saas to coaching and service businesses, we help unlock dreams by freeing great people from the time-suck of busywork.

We (on the other hand) love busywork - doing it, moving it forward and making it better. For us it unlocks our dream careerWith over 200 dream-builders now on our rapidly growing team, our mission is to energize our world by unlocking one dream at a time. 

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How we get success for YOU:

From our highly successful 'Top grading' driven recruiting process to our deep and intensive learning & development programs, we get ROI driven success for our clients ….


Only 1.5% of Applicants Get Hired by us

As the Scaling Up philosophy preaches, the secret to a company's cultural success starts with the strength of its recruitment machine.

At The Virtual Hub we are continually recruiting month on month. The machine never stops.  Using the Topgrading methodology coupled with our own proprietary testing and vetting programs we take in high volumes of applicants from all walks of life and have the ability to find the diamonds that we KNOW we can train & mentor to deliver success for our clients. 


Our ROI-Driven Training Programs Amplify Your Success

Instead of playing in the red ocean of recruiting and HR management offshore staffing companies we decided to find our own blue ocean.

Our Blue Ocean Strategy is to build a powerhouse Learning & Development organisation that produces the world class virtual support teams that growth companies all over the world need but struggle to find at a cost efficient price.
We recruit and hire our own employees on full salaries and benefits and heavily train and develop them to be champions of our brand and deliver on our brand promise to our clients.  


A World-Class Client Experience Continues the Success

We believe that the best way to drive strong brand advocacy is to develop and deliver a client experience that is so WOW our clients can't help but want to talk about it.

We are proudly on a 4.85/5 star rating from our clients because of how we onboard and service our client accounts with a team approach & a training first focus.
With every client account getting a dedicated 'POD" consisting of an assistant, a results coach and a client success manager we ensure we hit the objectives and key results you set for your experience with us.  


We are People-First at Every Level

From the moment a person interacts with our brand, be that as an employee or prospective employee or a lead or client, we want our core values to be viscerally felt by that person. 

Our core values live and breathe throughout our entire organisation and act like a guiding light for every decision and action we take. 

  • We Support Because People Matter
  • We Collaborate for Shared Success 
  • We take FUN seriously
  • Energy & Enthusiasm is in our DNA
  • We Find Solutions Until Solutions Find Us
  • We Do the Right Thing, Always

Simple Subscription Pricing From $900 per Month

  • Part time or full time contracts
  • Scaling Up Methodology trained
  • Mural or Miro trained
  • Calendar Management
  • Email Management
  • Admin Assistance
  • Meetings, Workshops, Event Assistance
  • Document Management
  • Client liaison & calls
  • Marketing & Social Media Assistance

Don't Take Our Word For It!

Here's what our clients are happily saying about us

"Our business has at least tripled since we started working with The Virtual Hub and it’s been really significant help from you guys!"

Jeremy Moser

Co-Founder & CEO / uSERP
"TVH freed up 40% of my time. As a result, my company has grown by 150% over the past 18 months"

David Bell

CEO / Diving Bell Creatives

"Your client communications is just really great"

Sarah Noked

Owner / Sarah Noked Ltd

Meet Our CEO

Barbara Turley

As a student of Scaling Up, an entrepreneur & an investor, Barbara knows how pivotal great teams are to scalable business success. She also knows how challenging it can be to implement. With a belief that entrepreneurship (without the overwhelm) is one of the best ways to push the world forward, she created The Virtual Hub to be the leading solution in the market for businesses looking to get help implementing their social media, digital marketing and business automation strategies.

Within weeks of joining The Virtual Hub, Barbara has seen clients bring in more money, reduce overwhelm and fall in love with their businesses and lives all over again.

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