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Barbara Turley is Founder & CEO of The Virtual Hub – one of the fastest growing producers of digital marketing virtual assistants for businesses who need to free up time & eradicate overwhelm by leveraging highly cost-effective offshore teams.
After a corporate career spanning 15 years in the investment banking industry, she started her ‘corporate escape’ from within by jumping on a management buyout business opportunity. This led her on a journey into entrepreneurship, angel investing and to develop a keen interest in scalable business models, content marketing and all things digital.

In this Episode, You’ll Learn About:

1. Power of Using Va
2. Process of Identifying What is Needed
3. How to Onboard
4. How to Train
5. How to Measure Performance
6. How to Identify How Much Work You Can Offload
7. How Much Time it Will Take New Person to Do


“ You can’t really grow a business successfully if you don’t have people you can delegate to.”
“ Fully accept the bad as the way it is.”
“ You can’t just hire someone and expect them to solve your problems for you.”
“ The strongest business that you will build is when you take all that happens, you take it on the chin.”


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