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When you are a business owner, you are consistently looking at 1) your marketing 2) your systems 3) costs.
In comes overseas Virtual Assistants or Online Business Managers.
HOWEVER, if you do not have your business systems and SOP set up, you are going to crash and burn!
Here comes our savior, Barbara Turley, she is a master at systems, structures and helping entrepreneurs outsource their life (and business).
Barbara is an investor, entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of The Virtual Hub – a business she started by accident that exploded in the space of 12 months to become one of the leading companies that recruits, trains and manages virtual assistants in the digital marketing and social media space for businesses who need to free up time and energy so they can go to the next level. Barbara is also Mum to her gorgeous daughter Ruby, wife to her best friend Eti and an adventure lover with a passion for horses, skiing, tennis and timeout in nature.
Key Points in the Conversation with Like A Boss with Heather Havenwood:
  • How The Virtual Hub was started accidentally
  • What exactly The Virtual Hub do compare to other agencies
  • What are the steps to get success with a VA?
  • How The Virtual Hub helps the clients get ready to get a virtual assistant if they haven’t built a structure, process, and system yet
  • The importance of Communication apps and Project Management Tools
  • What are the top things that people should immediately outsource?
  • Using CRM software like Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, Mailchimp, Click Funnels, and Ontraport