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If you have never hired a Virtual Assistant before, it could be hard to figure out where to begin. While this page does not have an exhaustive list of what our VAs can and can’t do, it can give you a better picture of your starting point with your VA.

General Admin

Our Virtual Assistants can help you accomplish everyday tasks that you simply may not have time to complete — from creating a booking at your favourite restaurant (or helping you find one in a foreign city) to helping you plan, organise, and coordinate your event.

Booking Creation and Management

Schedule Management

General Research

Data Mining

Cloud Organisation


Whitepaper Layout

Social Media

Every online business needs an online presence, but sometimes, remaining active on social media while running your business can become overwhelming. Our VAs are well equipped to help you ‘stay alive’ online.

Social Media Management


Content Planning

Market Research

Social Media Image Creation

Content Management

Being online isn’t enough - you have to create content that will keep your visitors, leads, and customers engaged. Even though our VAs are not trained to be content writers, they are still equipped to help you generate new ideas and bring new life to the content you already have.

Content Repurposing

Infographic Creation

Note taking and Research

Webpage Creation (No Coding!)

Digital Marketing

Your business needs to run, even without you sitting at your desk all day. A VA can help you accomplish tasks that are instrumental to your business with little to no supervision — in fact, our VAs are rock stars at it!

Landing Page and Sales Page Creation

Webinar Setup

Lead Magnet Creation

Newsletter Setup

Competitor Research


What’s an online business without an effective and efficient process? Luckily, VAs are quite handy at handling different systems! And with a solid support team backing them up, they can handle even the most complicated tasks with ease and confidence.

Payment Gateway Setup and Integration

Project Management

Website Management

Customer Relationship Management


Process Creation and Automation

What Our VAs Don’t Do

Despite us being known to create Rockstar VAs, they are still human!

While one single VA can deliver a wide breadth of expertise due to our intensive training programs, collaborative helpdesk and support eco system, there are a number of areas you will need to seek specific expertise.


Content Writing

While we are fully equipped to do the heavy lifting of repurposing, posting, scheduling, distributing, and analytics…

We don’t create content!

Web Development

A web developer is what you need to code your site in specialities such as XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, and Ruby.

Digital or Business Strategy

Our Virtual Assistants are not business coaches or strategists. While they can often come up with some great ideas, it is really you or a strategist/coach who needs to drive the strategy and guide them as to what you want in terms of implementation.

Video Editing

Video editing requires a high level of technical skills which is not for everyone. The success or ultimate failure of the production lies in the video editor’s hands.

Facebook Ad Strategy (Including Power Editor)

While we can create images suitable for Facebook Ads, compile insights report and suggest where you can improve or do more, we are not marketing strategists. You as a business owner must come up with the strategy for your people to rally behind.

That’s why there’s the Hub…

We can provide specialist experts and extra services EXCLUSIVE to The Virtual Hub Members.

Video Editing and Branding

Web Design

Expert Referrals

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