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You are the owner of a small to medium scale enterprise and you are looking at expanding your business to meet the demands of your ever-growing client base. Your business requires a number of processes and you’re starting to feel a sense of overwhelm as more things begin to pile up on your to-do list. Chances are, you have considered getting help. You’ve looked at outsourcing but you don’t know where to begin. Plus, you don’t want to deal with the process of hiring, training and managing your help when you know that you have other pressing things to focus on like strategising and marketing your business.


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Just Do It! Don’t hesitate. Take the plunge. You won’t be disappointed.

Trent Giumelli

CEO, Giumelli Group

As a newcomer to The Virtual Hub, I would like to thank Barbara and her team for their patience and professionalism in getting my company started with a VA. The initial set up training videos were easy to follow and very informative. In fact, even if I wasn’t going to proceed with getting a VA, the knowledge obtained in the videos has already paid dividends.

Robert Gamble

Director and Developer Acquisition, Gamble Consultancy

It’s worth it!! just do it! Be organized and know your strength and weakness and delegate your weakness to your Virtual Assistant.

Svetlana Burckhardt

Founder and CEO, Eyebrow Experts

My VA is doing extremely well. She shows great organisational skills, and initiative. I’m so pleased with our working relationship, and what we’ve achieved so far.

Maria Golding

Founder, Maria Golding

Thanks to my VA for your amazing work for me over the past 12 months!! I look forward to 2017 with you! Great communication, honesty and efficiency with the work. Thank you!

Lauren Jobson

Founder, Love Life with Lauren

I have had a great year with my VA.

Julia Cartwright

Clarity Coach and Success Mentor, Julia Cartwright

I realised I couldn’t keep up with it all & needed to find a sustainable solution, fast. The Virtual Hub proved to be the perfect solution – practical & quick to implement.

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After 9 years of solid growth in my business, I reached near-crisis point. I had so many balls in the air – huge client consulting days, unrelenting admin responsibilities, social media, speaking gigs, the never-ending flow of client bookings and email enquiries, not to mention my lecturing schedule …. I realised I couldn’t keep up with it all & needed to find a sustainable solution, fast. The Virtual Hub proved to be the perfect solution – practical & quick to implement. It is a wonderful feeling to have the structured & consistent support of my VA who has facilitated an amazing ‘admin-zen-feeling’…. ultimately freeing up time for me to put back into my business to create & implement more growth. In fact, for the first time in a decade of running my clinic alone, I have been able to travel stress-free to an overseas conference in NY, knowing my business is still humming away in the background; new bookings are being made with ease, and my existing large client base is being respectfully communicated with (and not waiting for me to get back to them!).

Tabitha Mcintosh

Founder and Director, Awaken Your Health

After many false starts with VAs that just didn’t work out, I found The Virtual Hub was the solution I was looking for! I can just get on with running my business and working with my VA without having to worry about tracking her time and wondering how to upskill her on the latest digital marketing trends.

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Having grown my business into 3 different segments, launched my ‘Smart, Savvy & Rich’ online training program and published a book there is no way I could have done so much in such a short space of time without the help of a good virtual assistant. However, after many false starts with VA’s that just didn’t work out, I found Virtual Angel Hub was the solution I was looking for!


Their recruitment process is extensive but the real benefits are in the ongoing management and training of the VA’s.

I can just get on with running my business and working with my VA without having to worry about tracking her time and wondering how to upskill her on the latest digital marketing trends.

Wendy Mak

Founder and Fashion Stylist, Wendy Mak

Do it! Get a VA and get a VA with The Virtual Hub. I previously had an amazing VA for 1.5 years who I found elsewhere but I didn’t have the tools or the support to fully reap the benefits of that working relationship in the way that I do with TVH.

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I decided to get a virtual assistant in the first place because I simply needed more help, I knew I couldn’t get my business and lifestyle where I wanted them to be if I was doing this all on my own. I found TVH through my business coach. I love working with my virtual assistant! She is an absolute delight. She is smart, personable, reliable, punctual and forgiving. My business would not be where it is today if I never sought a VA. That’s 100% certain. Her strengths are my weaknesses. I have grown to be a better manager and leader (much thanks to TVH for their constant support and education!) and I am about to take on a second VA which will take my business to a whole new level again. My first VA helped me get here. A VA is vital. Life is busy enough. I’d encourage any woman with a dream to get a VA to support her in making that dream a reality. This is what my VA does for me. I am living my dreams. My VA has over recent weeks developed free offers for my customers in order for my business to be able to better reach my potential clients and to entice them to come on a journey with me. Here is one of them... It is a free recipe ebook that has videos and written recipes. This particular one has been extremely successful in my opinion. Completely! I went from having a nanny and working away by myself in my home office wishing I was getting further with my business and longing for more time with my daughter. I decided to get a VA instead of a nanny as that is what my finances allowed and now as a result my business is doing so much better and so is my relationship with my daughter, her development and both our happiness. I actually say to people, “Get a VA, it will change your life.”

Donna Wild

Founder, Wild Donna

My VA is knowledgeable, helpful and reliable. I’m taking my business to new heights and have time to enjoy my family again. The Virtual Hub has made a huge difference in my business and life!

Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin

Founder, Win the Diet War

Nothing I have seen to date has come close to the experience I have had with my ‘angel’ from The Virtual Hub – this is one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time!!!!!

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I have outsourced a fair bit over the years, and had a full time staff member for the past 6 months. Nothing I have seen to date has come close to the experience I have had with my ‘angel’ from The Virtual Hub. The preparation, the training, the attitude, the willingness and the support my angel gets is second to none. And the beauty of it is The Virtual Hub team have done it all to save me time and effort to focus on my business. The pressure you have already relieved and the hope for what is to come is mind-blowing. Anyone who is doing stuff they should not be doing and who is serious about growing a business needs an angel like this. I have spent too long and wasted so much time and money in the past trying to train and educate my support team while trying to work in (and on) my business. When my angel says – “I’ll look into that for you,” – or “I am already being trained on that via the Hub,” it's music to my ears. And one less thing I have to juggle.


Thank you, The Virtual Hub – this is one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time!!!!!

Kim Payne

Founder, 9rok Consulting

I am now able to focus on the things that are income producing and really what I love, instead of the dreaded ‘back office’ work. I will be forever grateful for TVH and especially Barbara Turley for this amazing resource to business owners like myself.

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When I came across The Virtual Hub, my business was struggling because I was like most entrepreneurs and wearing too many hats to really accomplish everything I needed in order to make my business thrive. Of course, I was in the position where I didn’t think I could ‘afford’ an assistant, yet I also knew I couldn’t move forward without help. After looking at the options, TVH offered and the level of expertise the VAs had, I knew that the investment would pay off. I took the plunge and started working with TVH at the beginning of the year. The first 4 weeks were a bit challenging because I had to learn to let go of control in some areas of my business as well as trust that my VA had the experience and intentions to help me succeed. We developed a great relationship and focused on the importance of communication and being open about any issues we might be experiencing with each other. Once we worked out a few kinks, I saw my business completely transform. Within 6 weeks, I tripled my clientele which increased my income by over 200%! I definitely couldn’t have made these improvements in my business without making the decision and investment to outsource specific aspects of my business. I am now able to focus on the things that are income producing and really what I love, instead of the dreaded ‘back office’ work. I will be forever grateful for TVH and especially Barbara Turley for this amazing resource to business owners like myself. The level of training provided allowed me the opportunity to do things with my business I never thought possible because I didn’t have the skills or patience to put it into play. My advice for any business owner that is feeling overwhelmed or struggling to really achieve their goals is to look into this opportunity. The ultimate rewards far outweigh the initial ‘cost’!

Lisa Malnar

Founder, Tough Love Advising

I think it really depends on where you want to take your business. If anything, give it a go! For me, it was a no-brainer to get a VA to help to build the business, because of what I want to achieve and because I recognised that I couldn’t do it all on my own. Well, I could – but it would mean a much more stressful, less enjoyable and slower path to progression. I prefer to have fun with my work and I believe that having a VA has allowed me to enjoy my business a lot more and stay focused on the big picture.

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Launching and building a marketplace community is extremely challenging. I have two discrete sets of customers (tutors and students) who depend on each other. I must constantly focus on growing both sides of the business so I feel like my efforts must always be doubled. I found that I was spending too much time on the day-to-day running of the business, with no time left to work on strategy and growth plans. I realised that bringing a virtual assistant into the business would give me the support I needed to move forward. I am so happy to have a virtual assistant working with me – especially someone who is very proactive and good at what she does! This has given me the headspace to really focus on marketing, growth and content production without worrying about neglecting the operational aspects. Moreover, having a VA has forced me to start putting processes in place, structuring my business and generally being more organised! My VA has done an incredible job by taking the lead on social media. She is great at coming up with post ideas and pulling everything together. Having an active presence on social media is important for us to build brand awareness in the early stages. I feel so much more in control since getting a VA. I now have time to focus on the activities that will take my business forward whilst I can rest assured that someone capable is managing operations and keeping things ticking along. It’s also made a positive difference to have someone on the journey with whom you can discuss ideas and thoughts.

Abigail Ireland

Founder and Director, Language Lane

If you really want to solve business problems and free yourself to do what you are passionate about, it is worth investing the time and money into having a VA. It will enhance you ability to think in a systematised way and professionalise every aspect of your business.

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I really wanted someone to do repetitive administration, marketing, database and web tasks so I could get on with my grand vision. It would not be possible to reach the numbers of people that I have without a VA. They are essential to assist a business to grow and fulfill its potential. It is also great to have people to bounce ideas off and to support you. I have a much bigger web and Facebook presence because of VAs. This has expanded my business and allowed me to reach more people. We have doubled our 1 Day Events and that increases numbers in our workshops.

Pip McKay

Bestselling Author and Pioneer, Pip McKay

My VA is a great girl, shows great initiative and works very hard for me. I am very happy with the quality of work and output I am. I am very happy with her great work ethic and attitude.

Jacqueline McMahon

Founder, Jacqui M Consulting

I thoroughly enjoy working with my VA.

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She has great computer and research skills which have helped my business tremendously. She works independently without me having to ask her to do tasks which is important as I am often with clients when she is working. My VA knows what is expected and often goes a step further in her role. For example, even though I haven’t asked her to on the weekends or in the evening, I can see that she sometimes checks into the emails to chase up clients if they haven’t responded or me if she needs me to action something. This to me shows that she truly cares about the business and does not have the mentality that she will do only what is required of her, unlike a lot of people in the work force.


The one thing we have been working on the last two months is an eye for detail in terms of typos, etc., and adopting a less formal, more friendly tone in emails to clients. I have seen a real improvement in both of these things.

Overall, I am very happy with my VA's work. She has shown dedication in wanting to improve both her skill set and my business. She communicates really well with me so I think we really consider each other a great team which to me is very important. Thank you for all your hardwork!

Gemma Nichols

Makeup Artist and Founder, Gemma Nichols

I don’t see him as a VA anymore, he’s an integral part of the team.

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I tell my VA all the time how much I appreciate his hard work and dedication to my business. I don’t see him as a VA anymore, he’s an integral part of the team and I seek his opinions, views, and thoughts about things happening in the business and I take them onboard. I want him to feel heard and that his opinions matter.


I’m over the moon when he tells me he’s excited to work on a new project OR says ‘just leave it with me and I’ll sort it out’.

Small things like this mean the world to me.

Over the last 3 months, my business has doubled in revenue compared to last year and I believe that’s due to 2 things: better systems & processes and having a team member that values the work he does.

I can’t thank TVH and my VA enough. A million times thank you!

Janet Kafadar

Online Course Design Specialist and Founder, Janet Kafadar

My VA is producing excellent work while I focus on the parts of the business I need to.

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She is simply wonderful. I’m very happy with her! She has understood the projects I am working on, my brand, and my target market really quickly which is so important given the sales funnels and social media tasks she’s completing for me. She has initiative and also her own ideas which I specifically asked her to share with me when I on-boarded her. I’m so happy with her and it’s a load off my mind, knowing that she is producing excellent work while I focus on the parts of the business I need to.

Kirstin Bouse

Founder, The Conscious Mother

My VA understands our needs and responds to them diligently and makes our CRM and digital life easier and more streamlined. In short, he is excellent at what he does.

Kyriacos Christodolou

Operations Director, The Champagne Dame

My VA is is going really well. Couldn't be happier.

Dan Armes

Founder & Managing Director, ServoPro.com.au

Love my VA, she is great.. Her attention to detail is wonderful, and I really appreciate all the great work she does. She has all the qualities I was looking for in a VA... Wonderful addition to my team. Thanks.

Carla Coulson

Photographer and Creative Coach, Carla Coulson

I am very happy working with my VA. She is strong in areas I am not and she is a self-starter.

Jay Gabrani

Real Estate Portfolio Building Coach, Golden Key Coaching

I'm not sure how we were able to get things done before my two VAs joined our team. They are everything we hoped for and more. On time, enthusiastic, supportive and superstars.

Sarah Noked

Certified Online Business Manager & Digital Marketing Strategist, Sarah Noked Online Business Management

My VA is great, I'm very happy with him.

Dr. Barry Burns

Founder, Top Dog Trading

It's been an absolute joy working with my VA! She is enthusiastic and cheerful and works hard. 🙂

Julia Jones

Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula, Newborn Mothers

I feel like I've hit the jackpot with my VA. Happy days!

Leah Mether

Director and Communications Consultant, Methmac Communications

We are very happy with our wonderful VA from The Virtual Hub — thank you.

Talila Kroy Dunne

Co-Founder, EPIC Sales Group

My VA is really good and very supportive. I believe we are working well together. Still early days and I can see myself handing over more and more to her as time goes on.

John Murphy

Founder & Business Executive Coach, John Murphy International

Both my VAs are doing excellent.

Tom Schwab

Founder & CEO, Interview Valet

My VA is a quick learner and has grasped a lot of things in a very short span of time, always eager to learn and I learn from her as well.

Andy Lamont

Managing Director, Federal Pest Control

I'm thrilled to be working with my VA. He's taken so much off my plate and he's extremely talented. Things are off to a great start and I'm wondering how I ever got on without him!

Adrienne Luedeking

Owner & Coach, Fruitfully Alive

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